Aroniaberry Suitable for Popular, Health-Conscious Diets

Posted by Superberries on 5/15/2017 to Health Tips

Aroniaberry Suitable for Popular, Health-Conscious Diets

Consumer interest in health and wellness is on rise, with special attention being focused on healthy eating.Recently, US News and World Reports released a ranking of thirty-eight popular diets, rating them for effectiveness in things like weight loss and heart health. The best diets, concluded experts, were those that incorporate high amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats and grains, while reducing the amount of processed foods like trans fats, sugar and refined carbohydrates. Superberries Aroniaberry products are suitable for virtually all health-conscious diets.

Aroniaberry Crumble Top Muffins

Posted by Superberries on 5/2/2017 to Aronia Berry Recipes
These muffins are delicious and super healthy with all the antioxidants from the aroniaberries.  We substituted apple sauce for oil to make them extra nutritious.  Perfect for breakfast or brunch. Bake the muffins the night before and they are just as good the next day.

Aronia Chocolate Peanut Smoothie Bowl

Posted by Superberries on 4/20/2017 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Do an antioxidant double with this Aronia Chocolate Smoothie Bowl featuring aroniaberries, dark chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas. Thanks Angela from B Fit Baking for creating this recipe for us. Here's the recipe...

The Importance of Sleep

Posted by Superberries on 3/29/2017 to Health Tips
Sleep is very important to a healthy lifestyle. Numerous studies have shown that the lack of sleep can contribute to a host of diseases and exacerbate stress and anxiety levels. The average adult needs anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep each night.  Learn more.

Superberries Aronia Spinach Smoothie

Posted by Superberries on 3/27/2017 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Superberries aroniaberries and spinach make the perfect smoothie partners. In addition to the wonderful antioxidants in the aroniaberries, spinach is a great source of iron, calcium, folic acid, fiber, protein, calcium and vitamins A, C and K. Like the aroniaberry, spinach is loaded with antioxidants and supports cardiovascular health.  Try this smoothie recipe.

Aronia Berry Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Posted by Superberries on 3/23/2017 to Aronia Berry Recipes
This smoothie bowl combines the super fruit, the aroniaberry with super veggies avocados, spinach and kale.  Try this for lunch or dinner. 

How to Keep Your Aronia Bushes Healthy

Posted by Superberries on 3/9/2017 to Growing the Aroniaberry
Superberries Aroniaberries are good for you but they are also a wonderful addition to your yard.  The bushes get beautiful blossoms in the Spring, pretty purple fruit in the summer and turn a brilliant orange in the fall. They are also resistant to pests. Learn more about how to grow aroniaberries in our blog.

Aronia Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 3/2/2017 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Gourmet Cheese Sandwiches are popping up on restaurant menus all over the country.  At Superberries we've created our own version of this American classic using none other than our Aroniaberries.  It's getting rave reviews.  You've got to try it!

Eat Your Way To Better Blood Pressure

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 2/21/2017 to Health Tips
Several recent studies show there may be a correlation between lowering the blood pressure and the foods that we eat. This bodes well for the possibility of treating hypertension in more natural means with less emphasis on the synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Aroniaberry Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 2/9/2017 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Although Superberries Aroniaberries are good for you, this tart purple berry also creates an exciting flavor in recipes.  Try this Aroniaberry BBQ Sauce recipe to make your party food and meat sauces a bit more healthy by adding this flavorful antioxidant.

Love Your Heart with Aroniaberries

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 2/3/2017 to Health Tips

February is National Heart Health Month and what better way to love your heart than adding Superberries Aronia Berries to a well-balanced diet. There are many promising studies that show adding berries, in particular Aronia Berries, to the diet, may support your cardiovascular system.

Superberries Health Tips: Nature's Remedies - Berries, Oils, and Spices

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 1/23/2017 to Health Tips

Nature has given us amazing remedies to help our health and wellness.  Here's our top picks (no pun intended). Top Fruits for Health and Wellness...With so many options out there in the world of fruits, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which fruits contain the best source of nutrients. Berries are at the top of the list with Blueberries, Elderberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and of course, the best berry over all, the Superberries Aronia Berry.  All in for the Essential Oils...Finding the path to health and wellness can take a turn to essential oils.  Spice of Life...Supporting health and wellness comes first and foremost from the foods we eat. In fact, some of the most powerful agents of health and wellness may be found as near as your spice cabinet.

Benefits of the Aroniaberry vs Apple

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 1/18/2017 to Berry Comparisons
“An apple a day,” as the saying goes “keeps the doctor away." Apples are indeed a great resource of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, we know the apple is an amazing fruit from the numerous studies and articles released over the past several years. However, did you know that the Aronia Berry is very closely related to the apple and has higher health and wellness content than its better known sibling?

Superberries Health Tips: “No Pain, No Gain” and the “Burn”

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 1/6/2017 to Health Tips

Exercising and the Burn
“No pain, no gain” is the general mantra among serious athletes. “Good pain” or the “burn” comes from the muscles working hard during an intense workout. Sports medicine experts generally agree to gain full benefit from any workout, the muscles must feel the stress or the “burn”.  Cautions of Exercise Pain With any workout routine if intensity is too high or an athlete hasn’t performed a warm up routine there is a chance of injury to the body. If pain is intense, limiting movement it’s generally advisable not to “work through” the pain. Maintaining the Calm Sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to “maintain calm” when emotions run high and passions flare. There are a few simple tips that can be used to “maintain your calm” and balance emotional response in this New Year. First and foremost, step away and keep the cool.

Aronia Brie Envelopes

Posted by Superberries on 1/4/2017 to Aronia Berry Recipes
This recipe is great for entertaining and only 116 calories.  Prepare before guest arrive and keep wrapped in the refrigerator until ready to bake.

Put THIS in Your Smoothie, Not THAT!

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 1/4/2017 to Aroniaberry Smoothies
I’ve been tweaking traditional smoothie recipes, putting my culinary creativity to work and even adding a bit of the exotic as well for an overall nutritional treat. My focus on the Aronia Smoothie is rooted in adding additional nutrients and antioxidants from a variety of raw produce sources and spices, which should amp up the antioxidant benefits in the drinks as well. Ultimately, the key to a truly beneficial smoothie are the ingredients going into it.

Keep Resolutions Running Strong Throughout 2017

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/29/2016 to Health Tips
2017 is nearly upon us and there are certain to be several New Year’s Resolutions made and several resolutions broken. The most popular resolutions generally center around health and fitness and entail joining a gym, restructuring the diet or curtailing an unhealthy habit. Many people resolve to begin an exercise routine, lose weight or make a change in a variety of unhealthy habits that affect their lifestyle. Yet, studies show that ONLY eight percent of people achieve their set New Year’s resolutions.

Night Before Christmas with Superberries

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/23/2016 to About the Aroniaberry
Superberries Enthusiast and Author Scott McKenzie put together a version of the Night Before Christmas for Superberries. 

Superberries Keeping You Healthy Inside and Out

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/20/2016 to Health Tips
Superberries can keep you healthy on the inside, but you need to do all you can do to stay healthy on the outside. With winter in full swing and snow piling up outdoors, it’s easy to succumb to a touch of winter frostbite. This blog tells how to prevent frostbite and how to recognize the signs of frostbite, plus how to keep carbon monoxide poisoning, which is common in the winter, at bay. 

Creating An Antioxidant Aronia Cocktail

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/16/2016 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Aronia enthusiast Scott McKenzie experiments with adding Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate to various beverages.  In the end, he develops an antioxidant aronia cocktail combining aroniaberry with tumeric, lemon and curry that rivals some of the best mixologists.

Purple Powered Holidays and Healthy Baking Hacks

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/6/2016 to Health Tips
Power your holidays with the purple Aroniaberry, loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radicals in the body caused by the strain of daily living, stress and various pollutants in the air and water. Many times in our busy lifestyles our bodies don’t exactly get the amount of antioxidants needed to fight off the effects daily living.  Also in this blog learn some great tips to make your holiday baking more healthy.

Feel Super over the Holidays

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/2/2016 to Health Tips
 With a few easy tips to curb the appetite coupled with Superberries Aronia Berry Products, a person can indulge in the “holly jolly” cheer without overindulging and maintain overall health and wellness throughout the coming season. Be of good cheer and eat you purple.  

Superberries Health Tips: Fiber, Protein & Cooking From Scratch

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 11/29/2016 to Health Tips
Why You Should Eat More Whole Grains and Fiber - Adding whole grains and fiber to the diet has many benefits. Whole grains and fiber come from a rich plant based diet and provide a high resource of protein, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that can improve overall health and wellness. Finding a Better Source of Protein - Among the best plant based resources for protein are legumes (lentils, chickpeas and black beans), spirulina (a nutrient rich blue algae available in most nutrition or health food stores), spinach, broccoli, hemp seeds, kale, nuts and nut butters. The Benefits of Cooking from Scratch - While we may not always have the time, home cooking or cooking from scratch is a much better choice than doing the microwaveable, “take and bake” fast food meals. Food made from scratch simply tastes better, is more filling and better for you. By cooking from scratch, you control what goes into your food.

Understanding Inflammation

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 11/10/2016 to Health Tips
When most people think of inflammation, they tend to think of the joints, muscles and tendons. However, inflammation is so much more than arthritis, tendinitis or age related physical stress.  Inflammation is actually a whole body response to a variety of threats posed to the body's immune system.  Superfoods can help stave off some of the effects of inflammation.

Superberries Health Tips: High and Low Impact Aerobics

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 11/2/2016 to Health Tips
Aerobic exercise is great for your health, but what kind of aerobics is right for you?  In this Superberries Health Tips blog, we explore the various kinds of aerobics and their impact on your health. Research has shown that using Aroniaberries after exercise can help support exercise recovery.