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Superberries products are ideal for retailers, health food stores, fitness centers, and any business interested in health and wellness. If you would like to feature Superberries at your business, please contact (866) 323-7618 for more information. *Superberries is not an MLM.

Berry Believers

"I am a mother of two young children. I have tried to make it a point to encourage them to eat healthy and be aware of what kind of food choices they are making. This year, as a family, we made it a goal to try to eat as healthy as possible and cut out as much of the junk food as possible. As a part of our efforts, I started to incorporate the aroniaberry gummy chews for the kids as a supplement. I would give them a small pack of the aroniaberry chews instead of a pack of the fruit chews we buy on the mass market. They have tried many of the fruit chew vitamins that are on the market, and just have never seemed to like any of them. We happened upon the Superberries fruit chews, and they LOVE them! They would eat as many of them as they could get their hands on if I didn't control them!! A serving size is 11 fruit chews. I can honestly tell you, my children have been eating these since October 2010, and we haven't missed a single day of school due to illness and I cannot help but credit part of that to the fruit chews. I've read numerous testimonials stating that aroniaberries have helped aid many people with health issues, and I can see a difference in my children from them as well. I would highly recommend to our parents getting these fruit chews for their children! My kids love them and I love seeing them choose a healthy fruit snack that is aiding their immune systems!!!!"

- Amy Butts, age 30