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Enjoy Your Superberries® in These Tasty Recipes

Although their high antioxidant levels and low sugar content make aroniaberries a bit tart to enjoy on their own, they are a great addition to a variety of recipes. One of the most popular ways to use aroniaberries is in a smoothie—a great and healthy way to start your day! They can also be put on cold or hot cereal, or added to pancake batter. And they make a great substitute in other berry recipes, from cranberry sauce to blueberry muffins. The following is a collection of some of our favorite recipes. Visit this section often, as we frequently add new recipes submitted by Superberries users.

Berry Believers

"Ever since I started Superberries, I’ve noticed that I feel better all around and it keeps me healthy through the year. I definitely notice a difference when I don’t have my Superberries."

- Matt, age 25