47 Super Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Posted by Superberries Team on 11/16/2018 to Lifestyle

Back-to-back family meals, holiday parties, shopping, crowds, it's easy to understand how the most wonderful time of the year may feel a bit overwhelming. We asked our Berry Believers how they keep their holiday stress to a minimum.  Here are their answers.

Kym: Notice those items your gift receivers would enjoy ahead of time and purchase them right away.

Anne: Planning well and staying organized. Also keeping myself healthy so I can be my best each day.

Mary: I cut out anything that causes stress. I gave all my Christmas decorations to my children as those are their memories now. I put up a much smaller tree, add a poinsettia and voila! No more Christmas cards. I send emails or FB posts. Limit the number of parties and make the dinners potluck.

Bridget: I get freebies and hunt for deals all year and am able to provide a great Christmas for cheap. Loads of stress reduced. <3

Nia: I always plan and make a shopping list. I also make sure I get plenty of sleep and have my coffee every morning. :D

Beth: I start my shopping early, I already have everything wrapped. That leaves me time to enjoy cooking and celebrating!

Kimberly: I plan ahead and start shopping early. I try to focus more on making memories and not stressing if everything isn’t perfect.

Louisa: Plan ahead and be organized. Take a little time for me and get some sleep! Savor every moment with the ones I love?

Karen: I get gifts throughout the year and stash them I also get the decorations organized early and do heavy cleaning beforehand.

Ellen: If I start feeling overwhelmed, I take a short nap and then start fresh and relaxed again. 

Kelly: I love meditation, it really helps be me.

Ellie: By practicing mindfulness. I have not indulged in the craziness in 20 years.

Danielle: I try and plan for multiple outcomes. Something always goes wrong!

Krystal: Take deep breaths and do not try doing everything by yourself.

Gaylene: I plan ahead and take some me time with soothing music and hot tea.

Shelly: I shop early, make lists and stay organized!


Angela: I do not allow stress in! If we are together, it's a great holiday!

Rhonda: I exercise and do yoga to help ease stress.

Sondra: Hot baths and good books always help with my stress levels.

Annette: I make a list, start early, and stick to the list.

Pat: Don't try to do everything yourself. Ask for help.

Patty: Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. 

Toni: B-R-E-A-T-H-E a few deep breaths help me relax :)

Valerie: Make a list and do most of my shopping online. 


Joni: Staying organized and making lists and checking them twice. Savor the moments.

Kaye: I take time for myself when I feel like things are getting stressful.

Heather: I take time to go out in nature and just enjoy the quiet. It is calming.

Brenda: Just take it one day and one hour at a time. It's just family so why worry.

Anne: Plan as much as possible and avoid stores.

Janet: I try to eat healthy, get enough rest and drink chamomile tea.

Sandra: I have a box that I fill up during the year with special gifts I buy at the store and by Christmas time I don’t do any shopping, I already have the gifts for my loved ones and I spend more time making memories with my family?

Rita: Keep the holiday music playing!

Melissa: I don't let things get to me!

Nicole: Don't take on too much to begin with.

Kim: You have to believe things will work out and not stress.

Marie: Stay focused. Set time limits for each task and stick to your schedule. 

Anita: I take time out for me...have ME time. 

Tasha: I save and shop all year round!

Janet: I give myself a weekly facial.

I make sure to take time for myself.


Marie: Stay focused. Set time limits for each task and stick to your schedule. 

Charity: Online shopping.  

Brenda: Keeping within my budget keeps it less stressful.

Stacy: I sing loud in the car.

Diane: Napping whenever possible.

Becky: Yoga.

Brian: Go drink some beers.

Mary: Buy gift cards.