7 Super Family Fun Ideas for Easter

Posted by Superberries Team on 4/10/2020 to Lifestyle

Easter Egg Hunt for Superberries Blog

People all over the world celebrate Easter both as a religious and as a family holiday. The events of this year will prevent most people from participating in their traditional activities, but that does not mean we cannot celebrate. Here are 7 ideas to help you stay engaged with your communities and share the spirit of the holiday.

Attend Online Church Services or Meetings

If your family traditionally attends religious celebrations on Easter, don’t despair. Many churches around the country are presenting their sermon via online platforms. If yours is not, this is an opportunity to visit another community virtually. You can also stay in touch with family and friends using Zoom, Skype, or Google Duo. All these platforms allow multiple people to join in the chat together. This is an opportunity for people to reconnect.

Make Easter a Special Day at Home

It’s easy to stay dressed down these days. Dress up and have a special brunch as a family. If you live alone, have an online brunch with friends or family from a distance. Set the table and cook something delicious.

Make Easter Crafts 

Of course you can decorate the traditional Easter eggs, but you can also make paper eggs, flowers and bunnies to display in the windows for people who pass by on walks or drives.  You'll brighten your home and someone else's day.

Craft ideas for kids

Craft ideas for adults

Plant a Garden or Flower Pots

Spring is a time of rebirth. Plant seeds or flowers either in pots or in the yards and watch them grow. This is a wonderful activity for small children because they will love seeing the seeds sprout. If you don’t have a garden shop near you, these online catalogs offer everything you will need:


Wonder Soil Classroom Gardening Kit


Do an Easter Egg Hunt Indoors or in Your Yard 

You can use plastic eggs with surprises inside if you want to avoid the potential mess of real eggs in your house. This will help children stay active and enjoy themselves on this special day.

Take a Family Walk and Play Spring Bingo 

Look for the exciting signs of new life all around you. The Massachusetts Audubon Society has provided printable bingo cards, or, for a fun twist, make your own.

Download Spring Bingo Cards here.

Offer A Helping Hand

You may have a neighbor who needs help with yard work. You can help in other ways such as donating to a local food bank or delivering a special take-out meal to a vulnerable person living alone. If you don’t know who might need help, offer your services on a neighborhood community website or an app such as Nextdoor. This is an opportunity to build community and get to know your neighbors.

No matter how you spend the day, don’t forget the Easter treats! Add some healthy snacks to your Easter baskets or egg hunt with Superberries Aroniaberry Gummy Chews. They are all-natural and taste delicious.