7 Ideas for Giving Experiences vs Gifts

Posted by Superberries on 12/3/2018 to Lifestyle

7 Non-Thing Gift Ideas

Gift the gift of a new hobby, like Guitar Lessons

Research has shown that things do not equal happiness and that experiences are more fulfilling to people.  We’ve put together a list of 7 of our favorite non-thing gifts plus lists to over 100 other ideas.

Homemade Coupon Books

Put together 10 favorite things the person on your gift list likes to do and create a coupon book for them to put in their stocking.  It could be a coupon for a walk, a foot massage or going to a movie. 

A Family Outing

Plan a trip to another city with several activities included in the day or weekend.  Create a special ticket and itinerary and place in a box under the tree.

Museum Membership

Purchase a museum membership for your family and plan a trip as a family to visit the museum.  Include lunch and make it a fun family day.

A Night at An Escape Room 

Take the family to an escape room.  It is like playing a live game of clue with the family.  This is a great gift for the entire family.

A Night At The Theater

Buy tickets to an upcoming performance and surprise your family. Throw in dinner and maybe a limo ride with sparkling cider to make it a night your family won’t forget.

A New Hobby

Purchase a class for a hobby your family member has expressed an interest in.  Go for the ultimate in togetherness and sign yourself up for the class as well.

The Gift of Health

Buy a family member our Superberries Berry Essentials Combo featuring three Superberries products.  These products are made with the Aronia berry, a top antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in your body that can lead to age-related illness.  Consider auto shipping this item every month for your loved one to help them with their health and wellness.

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