7 Super Low-Cost, No-Cost Gift Ideas for Dad from Superberries

Posted by Superberries Team on 6/9/2019 to Lifestyle

Dad is your champion.  He’s built the best treehouse, helped you with your homework, comes to your rescue when your car dies and is always there.  You don’t have to break the bank to give dad the  gift he deserves and will remember for Father’s Day.   Here’s seven super ideas to give to dad for Father’s Day plus links to hundreds of other ideas.

The Ultimate Snack Pack

Buy Dad a cooler bag and fill it full of his favorite snacks and wellness shots.  Don’t forget the Aroniaberry Gummy Chews and Aroniaberry+ Shots for an energy and immune system boost.

Clean Dad’s Office or his Garage  

While Dad is away for the day clean his office or garage.  Buy a few new photo frames or order a poster of his favorite photos for a nice update that he will cherish.

Create a Man Cave for Him

If Dad doesn’t have his own space in the house, make one for him.  If he likes to read or likes hobbies, get a few new books or supplies for his cave.

Morning Smoothie Station

Buy dad a personal blender and create frozen fruit packs that will make it easy for Dad to make a morning smoothie and start his day the berry best way.  Don’t forget the Frozen Aroniaberries.  Aroniaberries top the antioxidant charts and support eye, joint and cardiovascular health.

A Subscription Gift Box

Order a monthly box subscription for meals, gardening or beer making.  Whatever his passion is, there’s a box for it. 

Wash and Clean His Car

If Dad hasn’t had a chance to clean his car, borrow his keys and take it to the detail shop or do it yourself.  Or buy dad a cool car cleaning kit that he can use whenever he wants.

Create a Memory Book

Dad’s sure to love this gift the best.  Pick 60 of your favorite photos and create a photo album full of memories and reminders of all the fun things you’ve done together.

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