7 Super Ways to Celebrate May Day

Posted by Superberries Team on 5/1/2020 to Lifestyle

Celebrate May Day with Superberries

May Day is the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them. May 1st celebrations date back to the ancient Celtic holiday of Beltane, the celebration of the beginning of summer. To them, it was a time to celebrate growth, and they did this by holding bonfires, decorating their homes with spring flowers, feasting, and visiting holy wells. May Day also became associated with workers’ rights with the advent of International Workers’ Day in 1904 and has become a national holiday in some countries. It is a day to be grateful for our health, happiness, and our communities, and here are 7 ways you can celebrate May Day at home.

1. Spring cleaning

Organizing and tidying up the house feels amazing, especially now that we can open the windows wide to the spring air. Take this time at home to dust those hard to reach spots, organize your cupboards and closets, and donate any unwanted items. Maybe rearrange the room and decorate with flowers in the spirit of the Celts.

2. Plant flowers or vegetables

May Day has long been associated with growth and this is the perfect time to start a garden. Many herbs and vegetables even grow well in pots if you don’t have a large plot for a garden. Planting flowers in your yard will provide pleasure for you and your neighbors. Don’t forget the yellow flowers. The Celts chose yellow flowers for their decorations at this time of year, probably because they associated the color with fire.

3. Have a bonfire.

The Celts believed that the smoke and ashes from the bonfire provided them protection for the year to come. No matter what you believe, there is something magical about sitting outside under the stars watching the embers glow. You can make s’mores or just enjoy the peace of the evening and the warmth of the fire.

4. Bake a cake

Celts often included sweets in their May feasts and placed them outside to feed the fairies. You can enjoy the traditional recipes of a Beltane cake, Beltane oatcakes Make them berry yummy by adding Aronia berries), or honey oat cakes yourself. If your family has a favorite sweet treat, now is the time to make it. If your children are old enough, they can help, especially with the cleanup.

5. Have a picnic

Make something special and have a proper picnic outside on a blanket or at your picnic table. Maybe even fire up the grill. Playing outside in the fresh air helps you build up an appetite, and a picnic provides an opportunity for you to sit down with your loved ones away from all the screens to really connect and communicate.

6. Make a Maypole 

A traditional Maypole is constructed with a large wooden pole and decorated with long ribbons and flowers. Dancers then weave the ribbons around the pole as they dance in a circle. If you can’t make a Maypole, maybe decorate a May Bush, which is usually a thorn bush, but any shrub will do. The Celts decorated theirs with flowers, ribbons, and shells, but you can use whatever you have around the house. Don’t forget to have a dance party, too!

7. Make May baskets

Construct pretty May baskets and deliver them to your friends or family. This is a great activity for children, and the May baskets don’t have to be fancy. You can even make them out of paper cones and string. Remember, after you place the basket at the door, ring the doorbell and hide so they get a big surprise. Traditional May baskets include flowers and small treats. Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate or Gummies make an excellent addition to your May baskets. Everyone will be delighted with these delicious and healthy surprises.