7 Tips For Better Health & Wellness in 2019

Posted by Superberries Team on 12/28/2018 to Health Tips

At Superberries we love the slow and steady approach to improving your health and wellness.  By making small changes and sticking with them, you can make a big difference in your overall wellness and quality of life.  Little things add up, like adding our super berry, the aroniaberry to your diet for extra antioxidants every day.  In our blog, we have chosen seven different tips for better health in the new year, plus links to over 100 other ideas for a new and better you in the New Year.

1. Make a Monthly Plan

One of the downfalls of New Year’s resolutions is they are too extreme.  Adopt gradual fitness plans and create a year-long calendar to establish lifestyle changes over the course of the year.  Set small goals each month and celebrate when you achieve a goal. We found this guide to help you make health-style improvements each month!  

2. Start A Food Journal

Awareness is an important step in changing unhealthy food habits.  Writing down what you are eating will make you more aware of what your habits are and where you need to make changes.  Several studies have shown keeping a food diary can double a person's weight loss. 

3. Clear the Clutter

According to Thom Lobe, MD, owner of Rejuveneda Medical Group in Beverly Hills, California, "Living in the midst of clutter saps your energy. Clean up your mess, and it will open up your life for more positive energy."  Make sure you add cleaning cluttered areas to your calendar. 

4. Stretch

Start your day with stretching.  Stretching increases blood flow and oxygenates your muscles.  It can also help you maintain your range of motion, increase flexibility and improve athletic performance. Here’s a blog we put together earlier this year, 3 Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk. 

5. Breathe

Just breathe!  According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Practicing a regular, mindful breathing exercise can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.”  Here are breathing techniques Dr. Weil has put together.

6. Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is essential for you and keeping your New Year’s resolutions on track.  Sleep deprivation can negatively impact your mood, your ability to learn new things and your response to stress. Not getting enough sleep can also derail your healthy eating plans for the new year. Sleep deprivation reduces energy expenditure and increases caloric consumption by activating a craving in the brain for sugary and higher fat foods. Although some people think they function better on five hours of sleep, adults should aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. 

7. Meditation

Your road to wellness may be more than going to the gym and breaking a sweat.  Mindfulness and clarity achieved through meditation is another great way to improve your health so you can be the berry best version of you.  Here’s a guide to get you started from ALifeOfProductivity.com

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