7 Tips to Buying Footwear for Exercise

Posted by Superberries Team on 3/28/2019 to Health Tips
Tips for Buying Exercise Footware

Spring is a great time to buy new exercise shoes. With the weather warming, it’s time to hit the walking or hiking trails. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you get the right fit and see the infographic below on how to choose the right shoes for your exercise activity.

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Exercise Shoe Shopping Advice

  • You should buy new exercise shoes after the equivalent of 400 miles. Go shopping in the afternoon or evening. Your feet will be at their maximum size taking in account swelling from the day’s activities.

  • Take your new shoes for a test drive. Run, walk, jump or try any exercise move you may be using your new shoes for.

  • Take socks that you will be exercising in so that you can ensure your shoes will fit.

  • Your feet should feel comfortable immediately. You shouldn’t buy the shoes if they feel too tight with the thought that you will break them in.

  • Your heal should not slip when you are testing the shoes out. Also, make sure there are no seams or areas that rub when you are testing the shoes.

  • Make sure there is enough space for your toes. You should be able to move all your toes. And the rule of thumb does apply. Make sure there is a thumb of space between the end of the shoe and your big toe.

  • Do another test drive, walk or run of your new shoes when you get home. Try them indoors just to make sure you are happy with them. You can return them undamaged if you are not happy with how they are performing.

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