7 Tips to Get Ready for A Super Summer

Posted by Superberries Team on 4/29/2019 to Lifestyle
Summer Fun With Superberries

With less than a month to go until kids get out of school and summer begins, it’s not too soon to map out your summer to make it the best 11 weeks ever.   Warmer days are the perfect time to rev your engine and get ready for the summer fun up ahead. Read our tips in this blog to get ready for a Super Summer!

Hydrate Your Body 
A great way to boost your metabolism, energy and promote healthy skin is by drinking water.  If your energy is waning, water is one of the most important sources of energy for your body. Having optimal hydration helps your cells and organs work properly. Add a splash of Aroniaberry Concentrate to a few of your glasses of water during the day to get your daily antioxidants. 

Add the Colors of the Rainbow to Your Diet and Life
Bright spring flowers put us in the best moods and there’s a reason for that.  According to our friends at Telefloral, “Keeping plants and bright flowers in indoor spaces may help with concentration and memory; plants oxygenate the air, boosting your brain cells and make you feel more like your best self.”

Although we are partial to purple at Superberries, eating fruits and vegetables that are all colors of the rainbow also provides important nutrients with powerful health benefits.  Each color of fruits and vegetables offers important phytonutrients that can help boost our overall health and even the glow in our skin. Superberries products feature the top antioxidant, the purple Aroniaberry.  Learn more in this article, Beyond Purple: Why It’s So Important to Eat All the Colors of the Rainbow.

Load Up on Fruits and Veggies
With farmers markets opening and more produce available in the summer, loading up on more plants and fruits are super easy and super good for you.  Create salads with assorted vegetables and even try adding berries like our Frozen Aroniaberries to your salad recipes.  Don’t be afraid to try new vegetables and fruits for additional nutritional benefits.  Another plus for eating more fruits and veggies is it is a great way to trim down in the summer.

Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin
The Antioxidants in Superberries Aroniaberries can help you get that summer glow.   Not only do aroniaberries top the antioxidant charts, they are packed with polyphenols -- 3 times more than many popular berries.  This type of antioxidant has been known to help with cardiovascular health and circulation which is good for the skin. If you have skin issues avoid processed foods and watch for sensitivity to gluten and dairy. Learn more from this article in Allure Magazine, Best Superfoods for Skin and Hair.   Also look for topical skin products made from fruits and vegetables or ones that have antioxidants in the ingredients.   

Plan Active Days
Plan out your summer so you don’t miss out on doing things you want to do. Make a list of places and events you want to attend  during the summer.  Allow for indoor activities for rainy days. Find different places not too far from your home for morning or evening walks.  Join your local botanical garden or zoo as a great setting for walks.  Take part in charity walks or runs to get your exercise in for a good cause.   Also make a list of area festivals and farmers markets you would like to attend.  Get your vacation on the calendar so you can plan kids activities and camps around your time off together.   Also make sure you pack Superberries Aroniaberry Gummies and Aroniaberry+ Shots for great energy during your outings.

Spring Clean
Get a jump on your Spring cleaning so you can just enjoy your summer and aren’t worried about tasks you haven’t completed.   Purge your kitchen cupboard and fridge of condiments you haven’t used.  Donate canned goods that have been sitting in the cupboard and are nearing their expiration date.  Clean out closets and get rid of clutter so you can just relax and enjoy the summer. 

Reconnect with Friends and Neighbors
Summer BBQ’s are a great way to reconnect with neighbors and friends you haven’t seen for a while.  Make one night a week your BBQ night and make sure the kids are home.  Plan a Saturday morning coffee with friends.  Socializing has a number of health and wellness benefits.
Learn more in this article from Psychology Today, The Health Benefits of Socializing.

More Tips For Planning A Super Summer

Here are other great tips to make your summer all that you want it to be:

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