7 Ways to Work Smarter

Posted by Superberries on 8/31/2018 to Lifestyle

At Superberries we would like to salute all our hardworking berry believers.  Our mission is to help you feel your berry best every day.  Eating super foods like our Aroniaberry products can help but also get the most out of every day by working smarter not harder is another way.  We’ve put together a list of tips on how to work smarter.

Write Out a To-Do-List Each Day
Plan your day and get started on those most important tasks first when your energy is high.  If there is a difficult project or an activity you are dreading the most, complete that first. Save things like checking your email for later in the day. 

Do One Single Thing at a Time
Multi-tasking is not as productive as you think. People who focus on one thing at a time are more apt to accomplish more.  Set a time goal for each task on your to do list and work on each project during that designated time.   You’ll see you are crossing off items on your list faster with this single task focus.

Eliminate Distractions 
The phone, email notifications and having multiple web browsers open on the desktop are major distractions. Plan time for you or what you want to get done and book this time on your calendar. Let people know that you won’t be responding to emails or calls during this period.  

Batch Similar Tasks
Group similar tasks.  Complete writing projects during a set time in the morning when you are fresher or at the end of the day when the calls and requests slow down. Do errands all at once. Answer emails during a set period of time.  

Speed Read
You’ll get through all of those trade journal articles when you can read faster.  Speed reading will help you read more and learn more! Plus they make a great app to show you how to increase your reading speed like OutRead App.

Eliminate Time Wasters
Give yourself a half hour each day to check on time wasters including Instant Messenger, online videos, social media, television and extraneous Internet surfing.

Create a Routine
We are creatures of habit.  Get into a routine. It will make weekly tasks go faster and your brain will love it. We can carry out tasks quicker if we don’t have to think about them as much. 

Here are over 100 other tips on how you can work smarter.