7 Big Health and Wellness Trends of 2022

Posted by Superberries Team on 1/14/2022 to Health Tips

This time of the year many people take stock of their health and fitness. All of the easily accessible information on the internet can be a bit overwhelming and makes it hard to decide where to start. In the past, the fitness industry has focused a lot on diets and weight-loss plans, but this year’s trends look a bit different. Here are 7 of the health and wellness trends experts are forecasting for 2022.

1. Weight-Neutral Wellness

Weight-neutral wellness is a concept we are beginning to hear about. The research around health, obesity, and weight loss is yielding complex results, and most people who focus only on weight loss eventually regain the weight. The weight-neutrality movement focuses on behaviors to help people become healthier. The focus is on movement, sleep, and healthy, intuitive eating.

2. Mindful, plant-based eating  

Many people see health of humans as intertwined with the health of the planet. Studies show that a reduction in the consumption of meat reduces greenhouse gas emissions and industrial water consumption. With a focus on the environment this year, many people will turn to a mainly plant-based diet to improve their physical health and play their part in helping the planet. You might see the terms flexitarian and reducetarian more often this year.

3. Caring for our Microbiome  

The human microbiome refers to the bacteria, fungus, and microorganisms that live in and on our bodies. Research is showing that our overall health is significantly dependent upon the health of our microbiome. Though the research is developing rapidly, we don’t yet know everything about the connections between healthy microbiomes and wellness. Some important topics to learn about are the value of pre- and pro-biotics as well as skin-care products that support your skin’s microbiome.

4. At-home Fitness Activities  

The surge in a new Covid variant is forcing many people to stay home from the gym again. In response, many fitness companies are making their at-home fitness equipment more affordable. Competition is also increasing in the fitness world. Live-streamed fitness classes and specialized equipment, such as stationary bikes and fitness mirrors, are becoming more affordable. There is also a movement to just move, to take walks for our physical and mental health. Whether you are interested in focused fitness or incorporating more movement into your day, there are online communities ready to support you.

5. Fitness-monitoring Wearable Devices  

The world of fitness and health-monitoring devices has expanded beyond Fit Bit and Apple Watch. Companies such as Amazon are developing their own devices with subscriptions and companies such as Oura are providing alternatives such as a smart ring. You have more options than ever to keep track of your fitness statistics.

6. Mind-body Fitness  

We now understand more about trauma and its effects on the mind and body than ever before. We are seeing the rise of trauma-informed care and the understanding that some mental and physical health issues can be successfully addressed with a different approach than in the past. Meditation, mindfulness, mental-health therapy, and spiritual practice play a role in healing the whole self.

7. Customized Health and Fitness  

Companies are offering everything from customized vitamins to online personal training geared towards your goals and fitness requirements. Whatever your need, you can find someone who will work directly with you to make a plan that supports your goals.

If you are resolving to be healthier this year, there is more help available to you than ever before. To be successful in your journey, you must decide on your goals and then find a plan that serves you. No matter what fitness plan you choose, adding nutritious fruits and vegetables to your diet is a good idea. Superberries Aronia berry products contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to aid your body in improving your gut health, immune system, and exercise recovery, and they are delicious in beverages, meals, and desserts.