7 Super Fun Family Hobbies To Explore

Posted by Superberries Team on 1/29/2021 to Lifestyle

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During the shortened days of winter, it is easy to feel a bit down. Though it may feel occasionally like there’s nowhere to go or nothing to do, especially this year, you have the power to make your own fun and strengthen relationships in the process. Here are 7 fun family hobbies for you to explore right away.

1. Arts and Crafts

Doing arts and crafts is a fun way to express your creativity and build new skills. If you already consider yourself an artist, consider learning some new skills or exploring a new medium. Invite family members to participate in your learning or to create their own art. If you are new to express your creative side, never fear. YouTube is a treasure trove of how-to videos from everything from crochet to drawing to jewelry making. You can take online courses as a family and help boost each other’s creativity.

2. Exercise 

Whether you are an athlete or have a casual relationship to exercise, working out can be a healthy and exciting way to bond with your family and build good habits. If you want to keep it low-key, have regular dance parties with the members of your household. If you would like something more structured, there is a wide array of online classes to explore. You and your family can even spice up your exercise with some competition. Various fitness trackers and apps allow you to create challenges and track your progress.

3. Garden 

Though it might seem to be the wrong time of year for gardening, it’s never too early to get a jump start on planning your garden. Before spring arrives, decide what type of garden you would like – in-ground, container, or raised bed. Then, let each member of the family decide on one vegetable or plant they would like to grow. Consider planting a pollinator garden of native plants. It will provide hours of entertainment for children as they watch the bees and butterflies gather nectar.

4. Play Games 

Who doesn’t love to play games? Whether you pick your family favorite to play again and again or rotate games from week to week, playing games as a family affords you the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in a low-stress environment. Set aside the week’s worries and immerse yourself in play.

5. Reading  

Snuggling up with a book under a warm blanket is a wonderful way to spend the cold winter days. You can set aside time each day for the whole family to read and perhaps talk about what they are reading. Swapping favorite books is a good way to gain insight into our loved ones.  You can also create family book clubs in which everyone reads the same book. Thanks to video conference platforms, you can even have book groups with family members who live far away.

6. Photography  

Modern technology makes it simple for us to practice the art of capturing images. Photography allows us to have fun, express ourselves, and save memories for the future. Allowing children to take family photographs and document family activities will make them feel like part of the action.

7. Cooking or Baking  

Everybody has to eat, so why not eat something delicious? Winter is the perfect time to master some new recipes or pass down family traditions to the next generation. Cooking as a family requires cooperation and negotiation, and it is an excellent way to teach children other skills such as measuring and simple math. Find some food bloggers you enjoy and try out their techniques and recipes or create your own. Creating culinary masterpieces, or just good food, with your family will help your family enjoys their time together any time of the year.

No matter which hobby you choose, make sure it is enjoyable and meaningful to you. Studies show that people who practice hobbies can lower their stress and improve their moods. Find something you and your family can agree on or take turns choosing activities each family member enjoys and support each other in them. That way, everyone benefits.  And don't forget to fuel your fun with Superberries Aroniaberry Gummy Chews.