7 Healthy Eating Trends for the New Year

Posted by Superberries Team on 1/12/2024 to Health Tips

Superberries Healthy Eating Trends for 2024

All of us want to be healthy, and at this time of year, many of us are looking for ways to focus on our health in new ways. Whether we start a new exercise plan or make healthy-eating goals, we can feel a little daunted by all of the information available to us. The best plans are those that are accessible and maintainable. If you are feeling overwhelmed on your journey, consider these 7 healthy eating trends for the new year.

1. Hydration 

Hydration has been on healthy-eating lists for years, but since 2023, focus on hydration has become main-stream and high-tech. You will see the term “functional beverages” this year, and those can include beverages that help you feel more alert or energetic, drinks that help you sleep better, or those that help you hydrate more efficiently with added electrolytes. If all of this feels a little daunting, remember that you can also drink plain water to hydrate your body. Try a splash of Aronia berry Concentrate to bump up the nutrients in your hydrating beverages.

2. Gut Health 

Gut health has been trending for a while, but it seems like there are more and more pre- and probiotic products on the market daily. You might know about probiotics that help your gut function more effectively, such as fermented foods (such as kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles), yogurts, and apple cider vinegar. Prebiotics are those foods that help feed your gut microbiome and keep it healthy. They are foods that include resistant starches, inulin, and pectin. Because of their high levels of polyphenols, Aronia berries are natural prebiotics that help support your digestion.

3. Protein 

Protein is essential for our bodies’ health, and many studies are finding that Americans do not eat enough protein. We are also learning that consuming protein from a variety of sources is important not only for our health, but for maintenance of a healthy weight. Protein increases satiety, so when we eat substantial amounts of protein with every meal, we will be satisfied longer. Many prebiotic foods are also high in protein, so consider adding Greek yogurt, beans, and legumes to your diet.

4. Mocktails 

Mocktails or non-alcoholic beverages continue to infuse our culture, and you will find them featured on the menus at many restaurants these days. You will also see them called “zero-proof” or “temperance” beverages. The people who design these recipes are highlighting the health benefits and sophistication of flavors achievable with fruits, herbs, and spices. Some are made with zero-proof spirits, intended to mimic the flavors of alcoholic spirits, and others are made with herbal elixirs that sport their own complex flavors. Superberries Aronia berry Concentrate is not only healthy, but it provides the depth of flavor and mouth feel of many red wines, so it is a perfect ingredient to keep on hand for your zero-proof cocktails.

5. Cottage Cheese 

Cottage Cheese may seem like a blast from the past, but as of 2023, cottage cheese is in again. Full-fat cottage cheese contains significantly less fat than many other cheeses, it’s full of protein, and it is a probiotic food. Cottage cheese recipes abound on the internet, and you can use it in so many sweet and savory dishes. Check out all of the fun recipes for whipped cottage cheese.

6. Eat Breakfast  

Eating breakfast isn’t new advice, but it is advice many nutritionists will be emphasizing again in 2024. Though it is so easy to skip breakfast when you are rushing in the morning, there are so many benefits of eating before you head out the door. People who eat breakfast are more likely to be able to focus better, maintain their energy throughout the day, eat less, and maintain a healthy weight. When we eat breakfast, we make better food choices throughout the day. Recipes for egg bites and meal-prepped breakfasts are everywhere. Remember, you don’t have to only eat “breakfast” foods for your first meal of the day.

7. Functional Foods

Functional foods is a term you will hear a lot more this year, and, just like functional beverages, they are foods that provide specific health benefits in addition to being delicious. These have often been referred to as superfoods, and include such stars as beetroot, pomegranate, sweet potato, strawberries, and, of course, the Aronia berry. The phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals in Aronia berries help support almost every system and organ in your body.

The best food trends are those that focus on what actually works for people rather than finding the newest or most exclusive foods. Superberries Aronia berry Products make it easier for you to not only follow these trends but also reach your New Year’s goals.