7 of the Berry Best Things You Can Do for Your Gut Health

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/8/2023 to Health Tips

7 of the Berry Best Things You Can Do for Your Gut Health

It’s hard to be happy when your digestive system isn’t functioning properly. From bloating to pain to problems in the bathroom, digestive issues compound when we don’t eat healthfully and take care of our bodies. If you are struggling with your digestion, check out these gut health solutions.

1. Increase Probiotic Intake 

Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) that can stay alive through your stomach to enter your colon during digestion. There, they help maintain a healthy microbiome that aids digestion and nutrient absorption. Some studies also show that they can boost our bodies’ immune responses and help with skin health, oral health, allergies, and vaginal and urinary health. Though you can take supplements, you can also find healthy probiotics in yogurt, tempeh, and fermented foods.

2. Eat more Prebiotic Foods 

Pre-biotic foods are generally fibrous foods that can withstand digestion in the stomach to be digested in the colon. They are a food source for your gut’s microorganisms. Pre-biotics help regulate bowel movements, improve communication between your body and brain, and improve bone density, immune system, and inflammatory response. Pre-biotic rich foods include resistant starches, inulin, and pectin. Common pre-biotic foods include boiled and chilled potatoes, green beans, asparagus, soybeans, sweet potatoes, fruits, and berries. Aronia berries are excellent pre-biotic and fiber-rich foods you can add to any meal.

3. Exercise and Manage Stress 

When we are stressed, our bodies produce excess cortisol, which can cause inflammation, intestinal permeability, and nutrient malabsorption. Taking steps to actively decrease your stress, such as exercising regularly, will help improve your digestion. Studies have also shown that exercise increases the presence of good gut bacteria, separately from what we eat. Taking the time to rejuvenate through meditation, breathing, and movement can significantly improve your gut health.

4. Hydrate 

Water helps our digestive systems do their jobs. Proper hydration allows for easier digestion, toxin removal, and bowel movements. When the food we eat moves through the digestive tract efficiently, we feel better.

5. Eat Slowly 

We begin the digestive process with our saliva when we chew. Taking the time to pulverize your bites will also help you feel satiated sooner so you lower your risk of feeling overfull.

6. Prioritize Sleep 

You know that your body repairs itself while you sleep. Well, it also repairs the digestive tract and grows the good bacteria that help our gut then as well. Establishing a consistent sleep routine and getting 7-8 hours of sleep is good for your digestion as well as your mood.

7. Eat Foods Rich in Polyphenols

Polyphenols not only reduce inflammation in the body, but they also resist digestion in the stomach, so some of them are digested in the colon instead. Some polyphenols support the lining of the intestine, so they support the immune system and intestinal integrity. Aronia berries are high in polyphenols that not only support your gut health but support the health of your whole body.

Taking time for yourself to relax and eat a wide variety of foods is the easiest way to support your gut health. Try out all of Superberries Aronia berry products to see which fits best into your daily routine. Your body will thank you.