7 of the Best Outdoor Activities for Staying in Shape

Posted by Superberries Team on 6/18/2021 to Health Tips

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Now that summer has arrived, the bright sunshine and warm weather tempt us all away from our routines. Take advantage of the beauty the world has to offer now and move some of your indoor activities outside. Whether you are a devoted gym-goer or want to begin an exercise routine, here are seven ways to improve your health while enjoying the great outdoors.

1. Take a Walk

Whether you walk alone, with a friend, or with your dog, you will find that starting your day with an invigorating walk will help jump-start your energy and set you up for success. A 120-pound person burns about 65 calories per mile and a 180-pound person burns about 100 calories per mile. You do not have to walk fast to reap the benefits, because weight and distance are the most important factors. Walking around your neighborhood allows you to really see it, engage with your neighbors, and feel connected. For fun, choose different neighborhoods to visit.

2. Go for a Hike

Most areas have some hiking trails within a short driving distance. The benefits of hiking include more challenging terrain to increase your fitness and time out in nature, away from the noises of the city. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and bring plenty of water.

3. Ride your Bike

Riding your bike is an excellent way to boost your fitness while having fun. It’s an activity that families can enjoy together. Many cities are developing networks of trails so you can avoid traffic, and some even have choices of urban and rural trails. If you don’t have a bike or you’re traveling, check to see if the city you’re in has a city bike program that allows you to rent bikes. Seeing a new city by bike is a time-efficient way to get around but still see the sites. An average person can burn 450-750 calories an hour biking, so it’s also a good cardiovascular workout and easy on the knees.

4. Do Outdoor Gardening

If you’re feeling pressed for time, combine a chore with healthy activity. Tending to your garden is a workout that is also productive. Pulling weeds, planting flowers, and mowing the lawn can help you burn 200-400 calories per hour. When you’re done, you’ll feel great and your yard will look great, too.

5. Go for a Swim

Summer is the time for swimming. Though of course people think of lap-swimmers when they think of swimming exercise, you burn plenty of calories casually swimming, too. Even swimming leisurely, one can burn 250 or more calories per hour. Some added benefits of swimming are that it is easy on the joints and the pool naturally cools you off while you’re exercising.

6. Paddle a Kayak

If you have a lake or large pond nearby, consider kayaking as a summer activity. Many areas have kayaking outfitters who will rent you all of the equipment you need to paddle on the water. Kayaking provides an excellent upper-body muscle and cardiovascular workout while also being low-impact. Being on the water can be calming and allow you to enjoy nature from a different perspective. Make sure to wear a life jacket.

7. Exercise Outside

Many yoga studios are moving their classes outside to take advantage of the nice weather. Some cities are even offering yoga in parks and public spaces. This is a fun way to enhance your yoga practice or to begin one. With all the benefits yoga provides, such as improved strength and flexibility, reduced stress, and better sleep, why not give it a try? If you are advanced in your yoga practice, consider trying a stand up paddle boarding or SUP. Many of the techniques used in yoga are necessary for SUP success and, like kayaking, it is an interesting way to engage with nature.

No matter which outdoor activities you try, remember to wear your sunscreen, hydrate, and eat nutritional snacks to fuel your body. Try Superberries Aronia Berry Chews as a better-for-you snack. They provide your body with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and they are delicious alone or as part of trail mix.