7 Reasons Why Doing Nothing is So Good For You

Posted by Superberries Team on 3/18/2022 to Health Tips

Doing nothing sounds like a guilty pleasure. Too often we worry about how we will look to others or not live up to our own expectations when we schedule downtime. When we hear messages about how we should invest in our self-care, many of us wonder when we’re supposed to find the time. The answer to that question is that we all have the choice to make time, and once we do, the value is immense. Here are 7 reasons why doing nothing is so good for you.

1. Rest

Everyone needs more rest. Scheduling open blocks of time, especially in the evening and in the morning, to protect your sleep and rest is important. Having “nothing” time in the hours before you go to sleep will help you unwind and prepare yourself for a more restful night.

2. Destress

Doing nothing helps us destress. By making the conscious choice to be responsible for less and to invest in ourselves more, we find that our stress naturally decreases. Stress has so many negative effects on the body. Limiting our exposure to stress will help us feel better and be more ready to face the challenges we encounter.

3. Better Thinking

When you are doing nothing, your brain has more space to do what it does naturally, think and make connections. There is a reason so many people have their best ideas while they are showering or exercising – because their brains aren’t doing anything else. Taking the time to do nothing, especially when you have a problem to solve, will give your brain the space it needs to do what it does best.

4. Creativity

Doing nothing will also help you be more creative. Turning off all the distractions gives your brain space to make its own ideas and leaps from concept to concept, unhindered by interference or pressure from input. If you have a creative project in mind and you feel a little stuck, taking time to walk in nature (without listening to your phone) or meditate might help you get unstuck.

5. Turn Off Distractions

Turning off the distractions might help you understand what you value and care about. Too often we run from activity to activity and commitment to commitment, never stopping to ask ourselves if we really value the activity or commitment. Obviously being involved in causes we care about is important, but if that participation is causing detriment to the rest of our lives, we should step back. Scheduling time to do nothing helps us understand what we really want to do when we are doing something.

6. Better to Others

Doing nothing can help us be better people to others. When we are alone with our thoughts, we can reflect on recent events and our roles in them. Often, we are too distracted to really take stock of what we think. Taking time to just process can help us understand how we want to be and decide if we are living up to our own expectations.

7. Better to Yourself

Doing nothing can help us be better to ourselves. We begin to understand ourselves and can work to make the changes we need. Meditation is a wonderful tool to help us do this. Often times when people begin to meditate, they think that they should immediately be able to shut off their brains. The reality is that our brains think constantly without us directing them. We’re usually too distracted to realize it. When we meditate, we have the opportunity to recognize the patterns of thought our brains follow and then can actively work to modify that, helping ourselves become more gentle, generous, and loving with ourselves and others.

When you begin the journey to do nothing, you might just find that this self-care step causes you to take more steps to help you live a better life. The antioxidants and nutrients in Superberries Aronia berry products help eliminate the effects of stress on your body and make you more resilient. The connection to mind and body is important, so including nutritious foods such as Aronia berries is an excellent investment in self-care.