7 Super Benefits of Morning and Evening Exercise

Posted by Superberries Team on 3/28/2023 to Lifestyle

7 Super Benefits of Morning and Evening Exercise | Superberries Blog

People are busy. It’s hard to do everything we want and need to do with the demands of work and family. And we hear “self-care” coming at us from every direction. One way to help our minds and bodies navigate this stressful life is to carve out time for an exercise routine, but when should we do it? Well, the exercise routine that happens is always better than the one that doesn’t, but whether you work out in the morning or evening can change the results you achieve. Here are 7 benefits to morning and evening exercise.

1. Morning exercise can help us lose more fat, especially if we exercise before we eat. Studies have shown that 24-hour fat burn is higher when people exercise in the morning. Also, we are more likely to make healthier food choices when we start our days with exercise.

2. Morning exercise can also help us be more alert and have higher energy throughout the day. When we exercise, we provide more oxygen and nutrients to our hearts and other organs, which strengthens our cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and increases stamina. Exercising too late in the evening can change our circadian rhythms and cause us to want to sleep later in the morning.

3. Morning exercise can also help us sleep better. People who exercise in the morning spend more time in deep sleep and wake up fewer times throughout the night. Better sleep improves your mood and helps you make better food choices.

4. Morning or evening exercise is good for improving overall health, but results can vary based on sex. Several studies of women have found that compared to afternoon exercisers, morning exercisers experienced greater improvements in their blood pressure and blood glucose control. Studies of men have found that afternoon exercise gives them greater benefits in blood pressure and cholesterol reduction.

5. Afternoon exercise can improve strength and endurance performance more than morning exercise. Your body is already warmed up from the day and our core body temperatures are at their peak during the afternoon. If you are training for a specific event or just chasing your own goals, afternoon exercise can help you reach them.

6. Men and women who exercise in the afternoon experience greater strength gains. If your goal is to increase your power, exercising in the afternoon or early evening will help you achieve that.

7. Afternoon exercise can help you let go of the stresses of your day, allowing you to be more present for your evening activities. It can also allow for longer workouts when you aren’t racing the clock to get to work.

No matter when you choose to exercise, sticking to a routine is beneficial to the body. Our bodies function on a predictable rhythm and seem to work better when we adhere to that framework. You can help yourself maintain your routine by optimizing your recovery with Superberries Aronia berry Concentrate. Studies have shown that Aronia berries reduce inflammation and aid in muscle recovery, which will help you feel better exercising. Mixing it in to your morning smoothie or with some sparkling water in the evening is an easy and delicious way to make Aronia berries part of your daily self-care.