7 Super Fitness Trends for 2024

Posted by Superberries Team on 1/26/2024 to Lifestyle

7 Super Fitness Trends for 2024

All of us are affected by the push to make and keep resolutions for the new year. So often, we receive the message that our fitness goals need to be focused on looking better. What if, in 2024, we remind ourselves that fitness is really about feeling better, in whatever form that takes for us? These 7 super fitness trends for 2024 will help you live a long, sustainable, healthy life.

1. Wall Pilates 

The term Pilates probably brings to mind expensive equipment and studio fees, but Wall Pilates, the new form of exercise that has taken over social media recently, is just the opposite. Wall Pilates exercises are designed for you to do at home with just your body and an actual wall. Proponents claim that it improves strength, balance, and stability in a low-moderate intensity exercise that is easy on the joints. If you’re hoping to start exercising but don’t want to commit to a gym membership, Wall Pilates routines online might be right for you.

2. Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is all about inclusivity and making yoga more accessible. Flexibility and strength are important throughout our lives, and as we age, we can lose them, making ourselves more prone to falls and injuries. Chair yoga, done either seated or using a chair for balance assistance, helps people develop balance and reap the other benefits of traditional yoga such as breath work and mindfulness.

3. Mobile Exercise Apps

Mobile Exercise Apps have been taking center stage in recent years, and there are now more than ever to choose from. You can find any type of workout you like online from free apps to apps that require a paid subscription. Whether you do Yoga with Adriene on her Find What Feels Good app or Thor-level workouts with actor Chris Hemsworth on the Centr app, you will find that mobile apps make it even easier to incorporate exercise into your busy life.

4. Group Exercise

Group exercise classes first entered the American consciousness in 1969 when Jacki Sorenson was asked to create a fitness class for Air Force wives and created aerobics dance classes. While the popularity of such classes has varied over time, it seems they are popular again, partially because you can join in from the comfort of your own home. Now you can stream everything from pre-recorded to live classes at almost any time and knowing that you are sharing the experience can be extra motivational for some.

5. Strength Training for Exercise

Strength training for exercise often creates visions of Olympic weightlifting and oiled bodybuilders posing in skimpy outfits. While those are real, that is not what everyone else will be doing this year. Doctors are now telling us that strength training, whether we do it with weights, resistance bands, or our body weight, is the key to remaining healthy throughout our lives. Resistance training, as it is also known, not only strengthens muscles, but it increases bone density and joint stability, which improves our balance. It also increases our aerobic endurance and helps us sleep better.

6. Exercise in Nature 

Now that studies are showing the connection between spending time in nature and increased mental health, people are recognizing that outdoor recreation is good for mind and body. Whether you walk, run, bike, or climb for exercise, doing it away from the noise of busy streets, and preferably close to a body of water, will reap many benefits.

7. Fitness Recovery 

Fitness Recovery is a fitness topic everyone seems to be talking about this year. The National Institutes of Health discusses the 4 R’s of recovery – rehydration, refueling, repair, and rest. While some people swear by the equipment – foam rollers, saunas, ice baths, and the like – others are invested in the nutrition of exercise recovery. Aronia berries are an excellent tool to aid your exercise recovery because they help reduce inflammation and help us retain higher levels of iron, which aids in the reoxygenation of muscles.

2024 is the year that fitness and exercise trends become functional, focusing on our health, happiness, longevity, and wellness, and not how we look on the beach. Adding Superberries Aronia berry products to your exercise recovery is one way to be ahead of the trends this year and well on your way to meeting your fitness goals.