7 Super Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Posted by Superberries Team on 1/24/2021 to Health Tips

We’ve probably all been told we should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. While that is a good guideline, water needs vary by person. What is important is that you consume enough fluid to help you stay healthy and happy because even low-level dehydration can have negative effects on your body. If you find it difficult to prioritize drinking water, here are 7 super reasons to motivate you to drink your water.

1. Blood Pressure

Maintaining proper levels of hydration helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Low blood volume can cause low blood pressure, which can limit the amount of oxygen that reaches your organs. When the body’s cells are dehydrated, they signal the pituitary gland to secrete vasopressin which constricts the blood vessels and causes high blood pressure. Having either low or high blood pressure can cause negative effects to the body over time. This is an excellent reason to grab a glass of water.

2. Headaches

If you are prone to headaches or migraines, you should monitor your fluid intake. For many people, dehydration can trigger headaches. Planning your water consumption throughout the day can help you prevent headaches.

3. Immune System

Drinking plenty of water helps boost your immune system. Water helps your body flush out toxins and bacteria that can make you sick and helps prevent infections. Cold and flu season coincides with dry, cold weather in many parts of the country, so it is important to help your immune system keep you healthy by making sure you’re hydrated.

4. Heat Tolerance

It might seem hard to drink enough water on a hot day, but it is extra important. Being even a little bit dehydrated can lower your heat tolerance. Dehydration can also cause muscle cramps and fatigue. A fun day in the sun can be ruined by drinking too little water, so make sure to carry a water bottle with you.

5. Digestion

Adequate hydration also helps regulate your digestive tract, from the beginning all the way to the end. It produces saliva that helps you swallow and digest your food as well as helping to prevent constipation. That’s definitely worth drinking an extra glass of water every day.

6. Healthy Kidneys

When we think of fluid passing through our bodies, we usually think of the kidneys rather than the intestines. That’s because much of the water we eliminate is filtered through those bean-shaped organs. If we don’t drink enough water, though, the impurities and minerals the kidneys filter from the blood can build up inside them and lead to kidney stones or other disorders.

7. Skin

In addition to all of the organs water helps, it is essential for the proper function of your largest organ of all, your skin. Adequate hydration helps preserve your skin’s elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores, and prevents irritation and dryness. Instead of searching for magical products to give you a youthful glow, reach for a glass of H2O.

Since you have to pay attention to your hydration every day, why not make it delicious and healthy? Some people add cucumber or lemon to their water for the extra health benefits and refreshing flavors. Why not mix it up with Superberries Aronia Berry Concentrate? Mixing just 1 ½ teaspoons in 8 ounces of water twice a day will not only please your palate, but it will give you an antioxidant boost that your organs will love.