7 Super Ways to Add Berries to Your Diet

Posted by Superberries Team on 1/28/2022 to Aronia Berry Recipes

7 Super Ways to Add Berries to Your Diet

There is no reason not to love berries. They are a true superfood. Berries are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that provide benefits ranging from lower blood pressure and blood sugar and increased immune and insulin response to protection from cancer and heart disease. Luckily, they are so versatile that you can include berries in every meal. Here are 7 super ways to add berries to your diet today.

1. Breakfast  

People commonly add sweet berries such as strawberries or blueberries to breakfast cereals, pancakes, or oatmeal. Aronia berries, one of the healthiest berries, is an astringent berry, so try adding it with sweeter berries, banana, or a bit of honey. You can also add Superberries Frozen Aronia berries to savory breakfast items such as scrambled eggs with cheese or a breakfast frittata. Here are some breakfast recipes to help you get started: https://www.superberries.com/Breakfast_c_18.html or https://www.superberries.com/Aroniaberry-Scones

2. Smoothies and Snacks 

Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to add berries to any part of your day, for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Experiment with your favorite berries along with other healthy ingredients such as cinnamon, kale, cacao, and maca. You can also eat berries with a bit of Greek yogurt for an afternoon pick-me-up. If you’re just craving a little something sweet, Superberries Aronia berry gummy chews pack the nutritional power of Aronia berries and can satisfy your sweet tooth. https://www.superberries.com/7-Super-Smoothie-Bowls-Made-with-the-Aroniaberry

3. Desserts  

The possibilities of including berries in desserts are endless. Use them to top cakes and cheesecakes. Mix them into quick breads and pies. You can also blend them into other desserts, such as brownies, to make them healthier and even more delicious. Try this Superberries Aronia berry brownie recipe. https://www.superberries.com/aroniaberry-brownies

4. Salads 

You can sprinkle many berries such as raspberries and blackberries right on top of your green, leafy salads, to add bright bursts of flavor and nutrients. More astringent berries such as Aronia berries pair well with savory salads such as cooked brussels sprouts, squash, beets, greens, and onions. Experiment by adding frozen Aronia berries to your favorite cooked vegetables. Let these recipes inspire you: https://www.superberries.com/aroniaberry-side-recipes

5. Salsas and Sauces 

Berries are versatile enough to use in almost any sauce, from salad dressings and salsas to reductions to add contrast to cooked meats. Try these Aronia berry salsa and sauce recipes to help you brighten up every meal https://www.superberries.com/aronia-sauce-recipes https://www.superberries.com/superberries-aroniaberry-salsa-recipes

6. Savory Meals 

Though we don’t usually think of adding berries to soups, chilis, or meats, they actually provide the perfect complement to savory flavors. This Superberries Black Bean Chili recipe is perfect for game day or a cold winter warm up. https://www.superberries.com/aroniaberry-black-bean-chili-recipe  Adding Aronia berries to savory pizzas and grilled cheese sandwiches is a surprising but delicious way to add the power of berries to your diet. https://www.superberries.com/Main-Dishes_c_22.html

7. Beverages

Cocktails, mocktails, and soft drinks are the perfect place to add the delicious flavors of berries. You can muddle them in the bottom of the glass or use frozen berries as ice cubes. Try these mocktail recipes to add some pizazz to your entertaining or as a refreshing drink as you unwind in the evening. https://www.superberries.com/7-super-holiday-mocktails-to-make-with-superberries

All berries are good for you. It’s a wonderful bonus that they taste delicious, too. Making an effort to add Superberries Aronia berry products to your daily diet is one way to focus on being healthy in the new year. Experimenting with adding berries to your favorite recipes is a gift to yourself and those you love.