7 Super Ways to Celebrate Dad

Posted by Superberries on 6/16/2018 to Lifestyle


Dads are awesome.  They are always there with that practical advice.  They build the best tree houses and forts. They help you practice for that big game.  They are always there to fix what breaks. And on occasion they do great hair. This Father’s Day do something extra special for him. We’ve assembled a few ideas that are great for dads of all ages.

Take a Field Trip

Have dad list three different things he would like to see and suprise him with one of the activities on his list.

Let Dad be a Kid Again

Take him to the Go Cart Track, Amusement Park or Batting Cage and let him get in touch with his inner child.

Go Camping

Let dad get away from it all and enjoy nature.  Plan a camping trip at a campground nearby or even the backyard. Pitch a tent, start a campfire and ask Dad about when he was a kid and let the bonding begin.

Build Something Together

From a simple bird house to a picnic table, get a kit and build away.  Place your project in a place where Dad can see it every day and be reminded of your special day together.   

Go to a Car Show

If your dad is a car buff, find a local car show and take him.  Or if no show is available take him for a test drive in his favorite car.

Enroll Dad in A Grill Master Class

Make dad the Master of the Grill with a grill cooking class.  If no class is available find a grill gadget he doesn’t have and give it as a gift.

Give the Gift of Health and Wellness

Give dad something that will improve his health and wellness like Superberries Berry Deluxe Combo pack which will give him three great ways to enjoy the antioxidant powerhouse, the aroniaberry.  Sign him up for auto ship and give him Superberries every 30, 60, or 90 days.