7 Super Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Posted by Superberries Team on 6/19/2020 to Lifestyle

This year has been like no other in recent memory. The responsibility to keep each other safe is posing some interesting challenges, especially while planning important celebrations. Father’s Day 2020 is an opportunity to show your creativity and let your dad know you love him. Here are 7 ways to celebrate your father this year.

1. Online Event

Online video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and Duo allow us to be together, even when we can’t be together. Your event could be as simple as setting up a computer and dining together, sharing conversation and laughs. You could also gather family together online and create a schedule of events, such as, “Favorite Memories of Dad,” “Dad Sayings,” and, “Dad Trivia.” Use breakout rooms if you have a large family so everyone has a chance to share.

2. Picnic  

Drop off a picnic basket of your dad’s favorite food and beverages. Frozen Aronia Berries are a delicious and healthy addition to breads and muffins. Maybe add in a page-turner by his favorite author or a crossword puzzle book for him to enjoy. Put a special card or a note in a basket about your favorite picnic memories with your dad. He will love the gesture.

3. Family Game Night

If you have all been practicing social distancing together, you can have a small family game night. You can do it inside, of course, but it’s almost summer, so this is an opportunity to have an outdoor game night. Horseshoes, Bocce, croquet, bean bag toss, and badminton are games that people of all ages can enjoy.

4. Host a Barbecue 

Host a social distancing barbecue. Place lawn chairs at a safe distance between family groups. Put one person in charge of food and another in charge of beverages. Aronia Berry Juice Concentrate makes an excellent mixer for spritzers and lemonades. Dad will be happy to see you all and there’s nothing like food cooked over the grill to signal the start of summer.

5. Have a Bonfire  

If cooking a bunch of food feels daunting this year, host a bonfire when the sun goes down. This is a perfect time to sit around and reminiscence about your lives together. Bring dad his favorite fireside beverage and the fixings for s’mores.aH

6. Do a Garden Project 

Everyone has a project they need to be done. Ask dad what he dreams of seeing in his yard, and make it happen. If your dad is the garden master, you can still add some baskets or planters of bright flowers.

7. Take a Road Trip 

Depending on where dad lives, you can take some relatively safe trips to see local sites or further afield to visit a national park. Take a cooler of food and hit the road. Most hotels have implemented stringent cleaning policies, so you can stay overnight. This is also an opportunity to do a little camping if dad is up for that. Aronia Berry Gummies are a delicious snack when you’re on the go.

No matter how you celebrate your dad this Father’s Day, remember to share your love for him, however, you can. This year has shown us how vital it is to maintain contact with those who are important to us.