7 Super Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend and the End of Summer

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/2/2023 to Lifestyle

Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer.  Say goodbye to long lazy days and relaxed summer schedules in a big way with these 7 ideas for the holiday weekend.  Make a few of the bottles SUPER WATER by adding 1 ½ teaspoons of the top antioxidant Organic Aronia Berry Concentrate to your water (Super-Fied Water).  Also, pack Superberries Aroniaberry Gummy Chews for an energy boost. 

Go to An Amusement Park

Three day weekends are a perfect time to travel to an area amusement park.  To get the most out of your trip to the park, start at the back of the park or go early to get on the most popular rides. Also because it is the end of the season for many Amusement parks, hit the gift or souvenir shops for great deals.  To keep your energy up throughout the day, pack a small cooler filled with “Super-fied” Water and snacks (think Aroniaberry Gummies).   

Go to a Concert Online

Lots of bands and musicians are hosting online concerts.  Find you favorite musician and play their live performance.  If you want the effect of an outdoor concert, bring your tv outside. Make sure you make your Super-fied Water (1 1/2 teaspoons of Aroniaberry Concentrate in a bottle of water) and Aroniaberry Gummies to munch on while you are watching.

Take a Dip at a Local Watering Hole

Find a local watering hole complete with the beach to set up camp for the day and enjoy a swim.  Most lakes and water parks temperatures are super comfortable this time of year.  Pack sunscreen, SUPER drinks, and snacks for energy throughout the day.

Watch a Baseball Game

Stream a baseball game on a tv on your back patio. Nothing says summer like watching America’s favorite pastime baseball, eating hot dogs, and singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". 

Host a Garage Sale

The 3-day weekend is the perfect time to host a garage sale and clean out basements, closets, and garages.  Invite friends to join to make it a fun day of visiting with your neighbors and de-junking, while earning a bit of cash for future fun or projects.  Let the kids set up a lemonade stand.  Make it berry yummy lemonade by adding a splash of Aroniaberry Concentrate.  

Visit a Farmers Market 

The harvest is in full swing.  Attend a local Farmer’s Market and reap the benefits.  Find a recipe like Superberries Aronia berry Salsa and purchase garden-fresh ingredients like tomatoes, peppers and onions. Superberries Freshly Frozen Aroniaberries are available 365 days of the year and are grown by farmers in Nebraska and Iowa using organic practices.

Throw An End of Summer Cookout

Whether a hot dog cookout, an ice cream social, or happy hour, say goodbye to summer with all your favorite summer food.  Put out cornhole and other yard games to make it even more special for your family or small friend group.  End the evening with a smores and a fire in the firepit.  Don’t forget to include berry yummy desserts made with Superberries Aronia berries.