7 Super Ways to Welcome Spring

Posted by Superberries Team on 3/26/2022 to Lifestyle

7 Super Ways to Celebrate Spring 

We always look forward to spring, but this year that might be even more true. After a long two years, it is heartening to know that the pandemic is winding down and the world is opening up again. Consider making yourself a springtime bucket list to help you decide what you want to do this year. If you are looking for new activities to try, check out these 7 super ways to welcome spring.

1. Get Outside

Now that the hospitable weather has returned and the world is turning green again, it’s the perfect time to go outside. Spending time relaxing in nature is good for our minds and our bodies. Whether you take a walk, hike, ride a bike or fly a kite, you will reap many benefits from being out in the natural world.

2. Plant a Garden

Spring is also the perfect time to plant a garden. If you’re new to gardening, remember you don’t have to start by digging up your whole yard. You can start with just a few plants, and container gardens are an excellent place to begin. If you don’t have space for your own garden, look for community gardens where you might rent space or volunteer.

3. Spring Clean

There really is something rejuvenating about spring cleaning, whether you are doing it inside or out. Taking time to clean out the garage and arrange your outside space is just as invigorating as indoor cleaning, and it’s the perfect opportunity to be outside and soak up some Vitamin D.

4. Eat Outside

Take your meals outside. Whether you have a traditional picnic, a barbecue, or just have happy hour on the deck with some friends, you might just find food eaten outside in a nice environment tastes a little more special.

5. Do Outdoor Crafts.

Decorating and hanging a bird house or feeder are fun activities to do with children. Making a fairy garden under a bush or tree or in a large pot will add a creative flair to your garden.

6. Shop at The Farmers Market

Once the farmers’ markets open, check out the fresh local produce and other fare. You can indulge in in-season fruits and vegetables and support your local community.

7. Go on an Adventure

If you have time, take a road trip to a nearby community or state to check out something you’ve never seen before. If your time is limited, maybe just visit a local historical site or park that is new to you. Exploring your community is a great way to spend time with people you love learning new things.

These activities will help you have a positive outlook and a healthy body. As part of this thriving spring lifestyle, consider including Superberries Aronia berries in your desserts, entrees, and beverages. Their wide array of health benefits will help you feel good about what you are eating and enjoy your active life.