7 Ways To Be Super Thankful

Posted by Superberries Team on 11/8/2022 to Lifestyle

7 Ways to Be More Thankful by Superberries

Eating healthy is one way to feel your best, but did you know that being thankful can improve your health as well.  Research shows that the feeling of gratitude can help you relax, decrease your blood pressure and boost your immune system.  Being grateful can increase positive emotions like joy and contentment. And it can also help you handle things more easily when life gets difficult. 

We’ve put together seven tips on how to be more thankful. 

Live in the Moment

Because our lives are so busy, it is easy to get caught up in getting to the next activity, meeting or kid’s practice.  Take time to slow down and enjoy what you are doing.  If you are driving to work find something new and amazing each day on your route.  If you are getting kids lunches ready for school, do something special (Write a note or include a special treat.)  Savor each and every experience in your day.

Find Three Super Things About the Day

Everyday at dinner my husband always asks me, “How was your day.”  My response is always “Good.”  Find three of your best things that happen each day and share them with your kids, spouse or friends.  Make it a routine that you keep every day.  Maybe it is something you do at dinner or bedtime with your kids.  Or maybe you write it on a chalkboard in your kitchen.

Create a Gratitude Board

It could be a corkboard, a dry-erase board or just a place on the wall.  Place post-it notes or note cards with things that you are grateful for each day.  If a day is not going well, simply glance at your Gratitude Board to remind yourself what you are most thankful for.  The day will surely get much better.

Thank Yourself

The focus of your gratitude doesn’t need to be on others.  Thank you for the good things you’ve done during the day from eating healthy (adding Superberries to your diet) to letting someone go ahead of your in the grocery line.  You are super and you should be thanked.

Thank Your Partner and Family Members

Find one thing each day to be grateful for your spouse or family member.  And let them know.  When couples express gratitude toward one another it builds trust and reinforces that your loved one is needed and appreciated.  The same applies to family members.

Send Messages of Thanks Each Week

Make it a goal to send three messages each week to people who you are grateful for.  Send a text message, an email with a digital card attached or a social media message.  Use technology in your gratitude crusade.

Be Positive

Let your inner gratefulness show.  Control your thoughts and words.  Self-talk that is not positive or that makes you feel worthless needs to be eliminated. 

Use these tips to feel more grateful in your life and in turn happier.