7 Ways to Enjoy Fitness As A Family

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/26/2022 to Health Tips

7 Ways to Enjoy Fitness As A Family

If you and your family already enjoy an active lifestyle together, you know the many physical and mental benefits it brings. If you don’t, this might be what you’ve been waiting to try something new and healthy for your whole family. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, or any time in the gym, really, to be fit. Here are 7 ways to enjoy fitness as a family.

1. Play

The easiest way to begin an active lifestyle is with play. Whether you kick a ball around the yard, play tag, or walk to the local park to play on the equipment, you and your children will experience the physical and emotional benefits of exercise while enjoying each other’s company and building memories. Studies have shown that adults benefit from play in the same ways children do; it helps build social skills, increase creativity, relieve stress, and improve mood.

2. Take a Walk

Taking a walk with the family is another way to build a healthy lifestyle. Whether you take a nature walk around the neighborhood, walk to the park to play, or walk to the grocery store, you will all benefit from the physical activity. Even though walking with small children may not allow you to go at a brisk pace, you are still reaping the benefits of exercise and teaching your children that physical activity is important.

3. Make Chores a Family Activity

You can build in games to each chore or simply require all family members to work together to tidy the house or the yard. You will teach your family responsibility while helping everyone stay active. Maybe build in a reward at the end, such as a movie night, when everyone completes their tasks.

4. Have a Daily Dance Party 

Dancing is a wonderful way to relieve stress and get the heart pumping. It can be part of playtime, a reward for finishing chores, or a stress reliever during homework time. Your family will love a ten- or fifteen-minute dance break. If your family really loves dancing, consider taking a dance class together.

5. Play Organized Sports 

If your family is large enough, form teams and play a sport together. If you have a small family, organize an activity with neighbors. Playing sports is an excellent way to build fitness and fun into your lives. Playing sports with small children is an opportunity to not take ourselves too seriously. If you can, enroll your children in sports activities they enjoy and play a sport yourself with other adults to show them that fitness and fun are healthy for everyone.

6. Take a Fitness Class Together

 If your children are old enough, take a fitness class together, such as Zumba or kickboxing. If they’re not ready for a class, try the activities at home. Streaming fitness classes are easily available and give you the opportunity to try a wide range of classes with your family. Learning new skills together with your children will help keep you all fit while teaching them that learning is a lifelong process.

7. Try Yoga 

If you haven’t done yoga before, you might find that your flexible children are better at it than you are. Don’t fret about that. It’s nice for children to see your persistence and improvement. Studies have shown that yoga not only improves our strength and flexibility, but it also helps reduce anxiety, improve concentration and emotional regulation, and develops memory and self-esteem.

Living a fit lifestyle is a commitment to movement every day, whether that is intense aerobic exercise or just getting up on your feet more than you are sitting. In addition to exercise, being fit includes fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to work well. Superberries Aronia berry products contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote healthy function in all the body systems to help you stay active and have fun throughout your life.