7 Ways to Enjoy Summer's End

Posted by Superberries Team on 8/21/2020 to Lifestyle

7 Ways to Enjoy Summer's End | Superberries Blog

With only a few weeks left in the official summer season, you have just enough time to make the most of these beautiful days and temperate nights before autumn’s chill sets in. Though the fall has its own charms, it quickly gives way to winter. Taking advantage of these still-long days will help reduce stress and provide you with happy memories to tide you over until spring. Here are 7 ways to enjoy these last days of summer.

1. Have a Picnic 

Soak up some of the sun’s rays or bask in the shade of a leafy tree. Take your favorite easy-to-pack foods outside, whether to the park or to your own backyard. Working and learning from home this year has kept us all indoors so much that it is refreshing and invigorating to spend some time outside listening to the wind in the trees and the birds’ songs. You can picnic alone, with your family, or, because it is the perfect social distancing activity, with a few friends.

2. Bike or Hike

Finding time to exercise is always important, but it’s even more important when so many of us spend our days in chairs working in front of computers. Taking a bike ride or a hike is the perfect way to explore and enjoy nature, free from the crowds at the gym. Though it might take a little effort, the results are worth it. Take some Superberries Aronia Berry Gummies along for the perfect snack.

3. Work in the Garden 

Almost everyone has felt that spring regret when there is so much to clean up after the winter’s thaw. Take control of that summer growth, pull weeds, plant some bulbs, and organize your lawn tools now. Your spring self will thank you.

4. Explore your Area 

Take short road trips to small towns or local attractions you’ve never seen before. Look for wildflowers and marvel at the many greens in late summer foliage. Clear your minds of your weekday worries and learn to appreciate your town or state all over again.

5. Have a Barbecue  

Most of us have been social distancing for a long five months, and we miss our friends. It is important to stay safe for ourselves, our families, and our friends. A well-planned outdoor barbecue is a perfect opportunity to socialize while taking care of your loved ones. Designate areas for couples or families and provide plenty of hand sanitizer. Wearing masks when you must be close together is a courtesy to everyone.

6. Cook and Bake with the Season’s Produce 

In many places, the bounties of the gardens and orchards are at their peak. Tomatoes and corn are robust and plentiful now and make delicious salads and homemade salsas. Peaches are bursting from trees and apples are just ripening. Now is the perfect time to bake a delicious cobbler or try your hand at canning. Add some Superberries Aronia Berries to your favorite recipes. Frozen Aronia Berries add vital antioxidants while balancing out the sweetness of some late summer fruits.

7. Create a New Tradition 

Every season provides us the perfect opportunity to create memories with the people we love. If you have friends who are far away, put everyone’s new-found comfort with video conferencing to good use, and have a reunion. Do a yard-work exchange with your best friends. It’s the perfect way to socialize while being socially distant and making everyone’s tasks less dreary. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are safe, healthy, and happy, and make the most of these beautiful days.

As summer comes to a close, remember to relax and separate work from home life. This is especially true if you are working from home or you have children learning remotely. Limit your screen time and enjoy the outdoors and people while the weather invites you.