7 Ways to Find the Right Workout for You

Posted by Superberries Team on 10/14/2022 to Lifestyle

7 Ways to Find the Right Workout for You | Superberries Blog

Doctors tell us that we need at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week to maintain healthy minds and bodies. How do we make that happen, especially when we have busy schedules? It can be difficult, but the results will be worth it. Here are 7 ways to find the right workout for you.

1. Decide on your goals. 

Be honest with yourself about what you would like to achieve with a workout plan and be realistic to start. It’s healthy to dream big, but also make some incremental goals so you can see your progress as you achieve each milestone. Goals that are measurable and within your control such as exercising for 30 minutes 5 days per week for a certain number of weeks will help you see yourself as successful and want to continue.

2. Make a commitment to your plan. 

Sometimes the hardest part about maintaining a workout plan is our commitment to other people. If you tell yourself your exercise time is non-negotiable and make that clear to your family and friends, it will help you hold that boundary. If someone wants to spend time with you during your workout time, invite them to exercise too.

3. Build the habit. 

Experts have different opinions about how long it takes to build a habit but creating a routine of exercise is more important at the beginning than the rigor of the exercise. If you’re a new exerciser, it can be easy to discourage yourself by going too hard and making yourself sore. Start by carving out the time for exercise when you can and doing mild to moderate exercises until your routine is firmly established and you find the time that works best for you. If after work is too hectic, try waking up 30 minutes early. Morning exercise has the extra benefits of boosting your metabolism longer and potentially improving your mood for work.

4. Find a support system. 

Having a workout buddy or even just an encourager can do wonders for your workout regimen. If you don’t have someone who can commit to exercising when you do, find yourself an accountability partner who you check in with frequently. There are also many online communities you can join.

5. Consult an expert. 

Once you’ve established your routine and found exercises you like, you can start building towards your fitness goals. It can make a big difference to your success to consult a personal trainer or coach who can help you build a plan that will yield the results you’re looking for.

6. Incorporate movement throughout your day. 

If you are sedentary all day, it will be harder to make yourself exercise outside of work. Prioritizing movement throughout the day can help improve your fitness and your motivation to continue exercising. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, park your car far from the door, volunteer to deliver papers to the office down the hall, whatever it takes to get your blood pumping.

7. Do what you enjoy. 

At the end of the day, you will not maintain a routine if you do not like the activity. Just because all of your friends are suddenly running half-marathons, that does not mean you need to run. If you prefer Zumba, do that. If you’d rather bike, go for it. Choosing an exercise you like is the best motivator to continue exercising.

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