7 Ways to Focus on Your Well Being

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/11/2020

7 Ways to Focus on Your Well Being |Superberries Blog

People talk a lot about self-care, but what does that actually mean? Though some people make it seem as easy as scheduling a spa day or a pedicure, it really needs to be a consistent set of behaviors to have a lasting effect on your life. September is self-care month, and here are 7 ways you can focus on your well-being.

1. Socialize

Though the pandemic is still affecting our country, that does not change our human need for companionship. If the weather permits, have a physically distant coffee date with a friend, in-person or online. Zoom and other video chat platforms are excellent ways to keep in touch with people and feel more together. You can also send an email, text your friends, make a phone call, or send an old-fashioned letter. Everyone loves the surprise of receiving a letter in the mail.

2. Exercise 

Since we have been encouraged to stay home, many people find they are skipping their workouts, unfortunately. Exercise is one of the best ways to relax. If you do not feel you can go to your gym, consider streaming an online workout. Gyms from all over are providing free and subscription exercise classes on YouTube and their own websites. You can also take a walk, ride a bike, hike, or dust off those old rollerblades. Your workout does not have to be strenuous to do you some good

3. Journal 

Scientific studies have found that when people write about a difficult situation, it helps alleviate their stress surrounding that situation. Don’t worry if you haven’t written in a long time or you don’t feel you are a great writer. This is for your eyes only and its only job is to help you feel better.

4. Make a Gratitude List 

This simple practice to begin or end each day can be a game-changer for our attitudes. When we practice seeing the world through the lens of gratitude, we notice more to be grateful for and become more grateful.

5. Declutter Something

This could be your desk, your email, your garage – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you will feel accomplished and you will have a tidier space in which to work. If you already feel overwhelmed, start small with something like a closet or a junk drawer.

6. Put your Phone Down 

App notifications, texts, and phone calls one after the other can add up to a lot of stress. Carve out some time each day when you place your phone in another room and just focus on a task that you enjoy. Read a book or a magazine. Do a craft or art project. Have a phone-free meal with your family. Most of those notifications and texts can wait until you are ready to address them.

7. Say No

In this ever-changing world, it is easy to overschedule and overstress your life. This depletes your energy and makes it hard to do what you need to do, let alone what you want to do. Choose to say no occasionally, even if you really want to attend the event, tackle the project, or do the activity presented to you. When you learn to prioritize your life based upon what you want and need to do as well as how you are feeling, you will experience more balance and relaxation.

Combining some or all these activities with enough sleep, hydration, and proper nutrition can help you feel more rested and able to enjoy your days. Include antioxidant-rich superfoods such as Superberries Aronia berry products in your daily meals to promote good health. Your self-care is in your hands.