7 Ways to Have the Most Super Holiday

Posted by Superberries Team on 12/18/2021 to Lifestyle

Deep breath, smile, the holidays are here.  It can be the most wonderful time of the year or it can be the most overwhelming time of the year.  We’ve put together a list of seven ideas to get the most enjoyment out of the holiday season – to have your most super holiday yet.

Enjoy the Magic

Pick a few things that you absolutely love to do and put them on the calendar. There are only three weekends in December before Christmas and Hanukkah. Find a music event, a spiritual event, a light display and a social event that you want to attend and plan the time for it.  Less really is more when it comes to enjoying the holidays. 

Savor the Sweets

There’s a time to diet and there’s a time to diet.  Don’t feel like your healthy eating plan will come to a halt if you indulge in one or two sweets at holiday party.  Just be selective and if there’s a treat you love that is only available at this time of the year, have it.  Then walk an extra 15 minutes the next day and it will be erased.

Give Thanks

Be grateful from the bottom of your heart.  According to research, being thankful can improve your health. It can help you relax, which in turn decreases your blood pressure and helps boost your immune system. Being grateful can increase positive emotions like joy and contentment. So be more grateful and get more enjoyment out of the holidays.

Simplify Your Giving

Pare down your giving list.  Or get creative.  As one of your holiday activities, plan a baking night where you bake 3 to 4 items to create holiday baked good gift baskets or platters.  You’ll get extra time with your family and your friends will love that personal touch.  For those on your gift list, give gifts that can be enjoyed year-round like museum or zoo memberships. Or give the gift of health and wellness with gifts like Superberries Essential Combo.

Stay Home

Plan for a night in and give it a holiday theme.  It could be board game night, cookie baking night, Christmas movie night or snowman building night. Make it as simple and relaxing as possible. Serve foods like popcorn and hot chocolate.  Your family will love establishing this tradition.


Being well-rested can greatly increase your joy, energy and help you be in the moment.  Don’t sacrifice sleep for getting the decorations perfect or baking 12 dozen cookies.  Reach out and ask for help from family.  Don’t give up your zzzz’s during the holidays.

Eat Purple

Eating purple foods like Superberries Aroniaberries may increase the joy you feel.  Research has found that the antioxidants called flavonoids, present in the Aroniaberry, helps regulate moods.  So, sipping on your favorite juice with an added teaspoon of  Aroniaberry Concentrate may be just what you need to add more enjoyment in your holiday season.  Superberries Combos are a great way to find out what product you like best. 

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