7 Ways to Make the School Year More Fun

Posted by Superberries Team on 8/27/2021 to Lifestyle

7 Ways to Make the School Year More Fun

School as most people know it stopped abruptly a year and a half ago, and most children around the country endured uncertainty and changes to their traditional school lives all last year. It is unlikely school will be back to normal this year, which is understandably frustrating for kids. As parents and family members, we have the power to lighten children’s stress loads by helping them navigate the school year. Here are 7 ways to make this school year more fun.

1. Practice Organization. 

While that does not sound like the most fun activity, it has the power to lower everyone’s stress. Putting systems in place at the outset of the year such as matching notebook and folder colors for classes for older kids or cleaning out and organizing the backpack each night for younger ones will save time and energy. Taking 15 minutes every night to make sure everything everyone needs for the next morning is in place will set everyone up to have a happier day.

2. Outfit Prep 

You’ve heard of meal prep. This is just like that but with clothes. If you have elementary school-aged children, you can have them pick out their outfits for the week on Sunday. Canvas shoe racks that hang in the closet are perfect for storing their rolled-up outfits so they can just grab them and dress themselves in the morning. Though older kids like the ability to change their minds, encouraging them to hang up 5 outfits they like helps ensure their laundry is clean and ready for the week.

3. Schedule Downtime and Stick To It. 

Many of us overschedule our lives, and we’re stressed out because of it. We have the power to change that. This could mean that everyone has one hour after school or work to just relax. It could mean that you reserve one day a weekend just for downtime and rejuvenating. However you make this work for you and your family, it will help everyone be more receptive to fun.

4. Buy Fun School Supplies

Allow your kids to personalize their school supplies to reflect their personalities. The last school year was limiting for so many, especially for children who learned remotely all year. Picking out funky folders or cute pencils can help students feel excited for the year. The littlest things really can have a big impact on our mindsets.

5. Celebrate Reaching Goals

Set goals and celebrate when they are met. Everyone benefits from achieving the goals they set. Help your children set manageable goals and maybe one or two stretch goals. Join them with your own goals. Make plans for how you will achieve them and celebrate each person as they achieve each of their goals.

6. Be Active Together. 

If your children do not have outlets for their physical energy, they might struggle to pay attention in school. Do some yoga together before school. Play tag or hide and seek or have a dance party before breakfast. After school, spend some time doing physical activity before sitting down to homework. Exercise boosts our brain health in a variety of ways and family playtime might just be a lot of fun.

7. Enjoy Snacks and Meals Together  

Time spent preparing food together is time to reconnect and reflect on your day. Smoothies are the perfect after-school snack because you can fill them with nutritious fruit and yogurt and they taste delicious. Use Superberries Aronia berry Concentrate in smoothies or other drinks to help your family stay healthy and happy this year.

Not everything is in our control right now. We can, however, make a lot of positive changes with small cumulative efforts. Taking a little time each day to focus on health and happiness and limiting stress will make a world of difference for you and your family this school year.