7 Ways to Make this Summer’s Road Trip the Best Ever

Posted by Superberries Team on 5/27/2022 to Lifestyle

7 Ways to Make this Summer’s Road Trip the Best Ever | Superberries Blog

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer vacation season. Make this summer one to remember with a road trip with family or friends. One of the best features of a driving trip is all of the country you can see along the way. Taking a little time to prepare before you hit the road will make it more enjoyable. Here are 7 ways to make this summer’s road trip the best ever. 


1. Pre-plan your route.

Though there is something romantic about taking a spontaneous road trip, it is a good idea to do some planning ahead of time. Not only will it allow you to make reasonable daily driving goals, but it will also help you find interesting attractions along the way that you might not notice from the interstate.

2. Pre-plan lodging.

During the peak summer months, assuming you will find a hotel room when you arrive in town can be quite a gamble. Major events such as county fairs and rodeos can easily attract enough tourists to fill up all the hotels for miles around. If you like to be spontaneous, make sure you book hotel rooms with good cancellation policies just in case you change your route.

3. Organize before you go.

Make a checklist of everything you will need including prescription medications and follow the checklist as you pack. Spending time buying toothpaste when you’re supposed to be adventuring is no fun. You can find a variety of checklists online to help you make the most of your trip.

4. Do not rely on cell service.

In some stretches of rural areas and mountains, it is common to lose cell service for a while. Some weather events can also interfere with cell reception. Therefore, it is a good idea to obtain a paper map of your route so that you can find your way even without your cell phone.

5. Be prepared for breakdowns.

Have your car checked out by a mechanic before you head out, just to make sure that something small doesn’t become something big out on the road. It’s also a good idea to join a roadside assistance program. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer a program. If they do not, AAA offers nationwide service and offers a variety of perks.

6.  Plan Your Drive Time

Avoid rush hour traffic, especially when driving through large cities. Plan your driving so that you are not trying to navigate a new set of interstate exchanges during high traffic times. Driving in chaotic traffic can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Who needs that on a vacation?

7. Pack Healthy Food in the Car.

It is not always easy to find healthy food along the way, especially if you’re shopping in gas stations, which is all that is available near the roadside in some areas. Superberries Gummy Chews are a flavorful and healthy treat to keep on hand any time you’ll be traveling. Don’t forget to hydrate. Superberries Aronia Berry Concentrate mixes well with plain or carbonated water to help you stay hydrated and well-nourished on your travels.

No matter where you travel or how far, you are sure to make lasting memories this summer. A little bit of pre-planning will make a lot of difference.