7 Ways to Protect Your Skin From the Inside Out

Posted by Superberries Team on 5/26/2023 to Health Tips

7 Ways to Protect Your Skin From the Inside Out

Memorial Day Weekend is finally here, the weather is beautiful, and summer is on its way. Everyone wants to be outside, but one of the biggest challenges with outdoor activities is staying safe from the sun. Sunscreens are important, but another way to protect yourself from the sun is with food.  Researchers are finding that some foods can help protect our bodies from harmful UV rays. Here are 7 ways to protect your skin from the inside out.

1. Polypodium Leucotomos 

Polypodium Leucotomos is a fern from South America that has been used to treat skin conditions for many years. Early research is showing that taking a supplement of Polypodium Leucotomos does not prevent sunburn, but it can help prevent damage from UV rays. It contains antioxidants that help prevent the formation of free radicals.

2. Nicotinamide 

Nicotinamide, a water-soluble form of Vitamin B3, shows promise in preventing skin lesions caused by sun damage. It enhances DNA repair, reduces UV-ray immunity suppression, and reduces inflammation. You can take it in supplement form or let your body produce it naturally when you eat a diet rich in fish, poultry, nuts, legumes, eggs, and cereal grains. Like Polypodium Leucotomos, it will not protect against sunburn, but it does help mitigate the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

3. Sicilian Blood Oranges 

Sicilian blood oranges are beautiful, delicious, and can help prevent the photo-aging effects of the sun. They contain high amounts of Vitamin C, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, antioxidants that can help protect the skin as well as reduce inflammation and protect the heart. You can eat blood oranges when they are in season as well as take a supplement year-round.

4.  Aroniaberries

Aronia berries are another delicious way to protect your body from the damaging effects of the sun. Their protective properties come from their high concentration of Vitamin K, manganese, folic acid, phenolic acids, and polyphenolic flavonoids. Researchers suggest that consuming about 100 ml or 3.4 ounces of Aroniaberry Juice per day can have positive effects on your skin as well as reduce inflammation to help protect your whole body.

5. Tea

Tea can also help protect your skin. Catechins, a type of flavonoid found in green tea and black tea, can help prevent skin damage. Some studies show black tea might be more effective than green tea. Yerba mate, another type of tea, contains high levels of antioxidants. Chamomile tea is rich in manganese, which helps produce collagen and keep your skin healthy. Hibiscus tea can help prevent the growth of melanoma due to its polyphenol content.

6. Protective Clothing

Though a nutritious diet high in antioxidants can help protect your skin, it cannot prevent damage all by itself. Wearing protective clothing when you are out in the sun helps your skin help itself. Wearing shirts or dresses with long, loose sleeves and wide-brimmed hats will provide a lot of protection while helping you look fabulous. 

7. Sunscreen

Researchers also recommend that we apply sunscreen to all exposed body parts every day, not just when you’re in the sun. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends using sunscreen of at least SPF 30 that is broad spectrum (blocks both UVA and UVB light rays) and water resistant. 80% of harmful rays penetrate cloud cover and the UVA rays, which are those that age our skin, can penetrate glass windows. UVB, those that cause burn, are blocked by glass, so when we’re riding in a car, we might not realize we are receiving the aging effects of UVA rays. Don’t forget to protect your lips with a lip balm that contains SPF 30 or higher. If you are concerned about the chemicals in sunscreen, try mineral-based sun blocks.

We all know we are supposed to protect our skin from sun damage and eat a healthy diet for our bodies. We are now starting to understand how beneficial our diet is not just to our overall health but also to the appearance and health of our skin. Adding Aronia berries to your daily diet is an easy way to get started protecting your body from the inside out.