Acerola Berry: An Additional Wellness Boost

Posted by Superberries on 4/16/2015

Recently, we have launched our Aroniaberry+ Daily Wellness Shot, a refreshing healthy drink that will allow you to benefit from all the wonderful nutrients of two powerful superberries--- aroniaberry and acerola berry. What's more, it also incorporates green tea for an even greater daily health boost.

What is Acerola Bery?

A dark red berry that grows in both North and South America, the acerola berry is another superfood well-known for its potent and high level of vitamin C in natural form. It's also referred to as Barbados cherry.

What are the Health Benefits of Acerola Berry?

The acerola berry brings plenty of added health benefits to the wellness blend of our Aroniaberry+ Daily Wellness Shot. Do you know that it contains 32 times the vitamin C in a regular glass of pure orange juice? Hence, it's great for enhancing your immune system.

Furthermore, it contains an enormous amount of vitamin A as well, equivalent to a bunch of big carrots. Thus, it's valuable in promoting eye health and red blood cell production.

The other nutrients found in this berry include iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Because of the natural contents of the acerola berry, it is an ideal partner for the aroniaberry in order to supplement your health. It serves to strengthen your daily endurance, especially during stressful times. It's also been proven helpful in increasing the elasticity of the skin and thus making the skin look smoother and younger.

With amazing antioxidant properties, this berry will surely provide your body with sufficient protection against disease-causing free radicals. Hence, together with aroniaberry and green tea, you can reap wonderful wellness benefits from our product. Overall, you'll get to enjoy a feeling of being stronger, more energized, younger, and healthier. Your appearance will also improve due to the collagen production benefit as well as the complete health effects that will reflect on the outside too.

For many individuals, it's almost impossible to receive as much nutrients just by consuming ordinary fruits and vegetables every single day. It's better to take a reliable supplement such as our wellness shot to give you a health boost in your daily activities and for the rest of your life.