Anthocyanins: What They Are and How They Benefit You

Posted by Superberries on 11/10/2014 to Health Tips

Blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and pomegranates are all known for their amazing health benefits. One thing they have in common is their color, which actually comes from anthocyanins.

Lately, there have also been several discoveries of superfruits which provide a tremendous amount of antioxidants that do wonders for the human body. Many of these also contain anthocyanins, thus adding even more to the beneficial health perks they offer.

Among the known superfruits today, aroniaberries have been found to have the highest level of anthocyanins and are now sought after for their immense health value.

What are Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins refer to the flavonoid pigments that supply the purplish blue color and accompanying sun protection to many fruits and plants. According to research, this particular substance has been proven a potent antioxidant that brings about remarkable health benefits for people.

How Can Anthocyanins Benefit You?

If you're wondering what exact benefits these anthocyanins can give, here's a rundown of the most basic:

·        Protection Against Free Radicals

These days, more people are becoming aware of the harm that free radicals bring to the body. Because they cause diseases and are naturally produced by the body, it's vital to have enough protection in the form of antioxidants.

Anthocyanins can actually act like antioxidants and thus help repair damaged cells and promote the growth of new and healthy cells while giving protection against free radicals. You'll therefore enjoy a boost in your immune system with the continuous consumption of anthocyanins through aroniaberries and other similar fruits.

·        Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation in the body can occur in various areas and affect different organs or parts of your body in a negative manner. Although this is said to be a manifestation of your natural defense system, it can still become risky and is often the beginning of serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Anthocyanins are also recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, constant intake of fruits and plants with these pigments should prove to be beneficial in this regard.

·        Anti-Viral Benefits

Viruses are not like bacteria that can easily be thwarted or combated with antibiotics. With the many different viruses that you can catch today, it's certainly essential to safeguard your health with a strong immune system.

What's even better is if you can take in a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as eat foods that can provide anti-viral benefits. Hence, taking aroniaberry products which consist of a high level of anthocyanins will certainly be of great help.

·        Enhancement of Heart Health

One of the leading causes of death around the world is heart disease. It goes without saying that you ought to take good care of your heart if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Anthocyanins are known to help enhance heart health. For many years, these have been documented and used by many in herbal medicine for lowering blood pressure, bettering cholesterol levels, and improving the overall health of the heart.

·        Improvement of Circulation

Good blood circulation is of utmost importance. It's how oxygen and other nutrients are carried and distributed to the different parts of your body. This contributes to the vitality and proper functioning of your organs, tissues, and muscles. Furthermore, it can bring about better-looking skin.

With the regular intake of aroniaberries, you'll certainly enjoy this benefit because of the high content of anthocyanins.

·        Protection from Cancer

Cancer is another leading cause of death. Don't wait to become a victim. Rather, work on making sure you're well-protected. Aside from eating the right kind of food, exercising, and generally living a healthy lifestyle, it's also essential to add superberries to your diet. Aroniaberries, in particular, are proven to have the highest level of anthocyanins and will therefore give this kind of cancer protection.

·        Prevention of Obesity

In many countries at present, one of the biggest health problems is obesity. So many people are turning obese and putting their health in danger, apart from being burdened with physical strain and less attractive looks.

Indeed you can actually avoid becoming a victim of obesity when you have plenty of anthocyanins to help you. So pack on those superfruits and help manage your weight and health.

·        Reduction of Allergies

Allergies are not just bothersome. They can put you at risk for other harmful conditions. Sadly, some allergies can even be fatal. If you are currently suffering from any form of allergy, better make sure to work on reducing it through the help of anthocyanins.

·        Deterrence of Collagen Breakdown

It's natural for skin collagen to break down as you age. This will make wrinkles and fine lines appear, cause sagging skin, and turn the surface of your skin from smooth to rough. For this reason, many skin care and anti-aging products offer the delay and deterrence of collagen breakdown. Anthocyanins provide the same benefit too.

With these wonderful benefits you can get from anthocyanins, you should surely start hunting for superfruits with the highest amount of these flavonoid pigments. But lucky you, there's no need to undertake such a search. All you have to do is browse through our offers here because aroniaberries are called superberries for good reason! They've got a whole lot of anthocyanins, plus more.