Aronia Berry- The Next Superfruit on the Block

Posted by Superberries on 1/24/2015 to Health Tips
In the health and fitness industry, receiving the tag as the ‘it product’ can be a fleeting experience. Super foods and diet fads hyped for the day are often pushed to the sidelines the next day. But there are some super foods that managed to last more than the usual 15-minutes of fame. For example, you have the super berries which are called the super fruit owing to its large concentration of anti-oxidants and other nutrients. Led by acai berries, super berries have dominated the health industry lately, getting featured on talk shows and health and fitness forums. Unfortunately, acai berries are often hard to source since the fresh ones are from Brazil. The option is to use powdered acai berries which can be added to desserts and smoothies. But in the highly vibrant industry, there are up-and-coming foods and fruits that are discovered that equal or trump the benefits of the current industry favorites. For example, there’s the Aronia berry, now gaining ground in the market as the next ‘super fruit’ on the block. 

Nutrient- intensified resume boost aronia’s credentials 

Aronia berries refreshes and nourishes the body better than its counterparts in the market. Berries including acai berries are rich in anti-oxidants particularly in anthocyanins. Aronia berries contain 1,480 mg of anthocyanins per 100 grams, better than acai berries with 320 mg per 100 grams. According to research, anthocyanins have anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory capabilities and can also help in obesity control. These berries have natural SPF too, building on its reputation as a food powerhouse. 

Easily sourced in the market 

Compared with other super foods and berries like acai, Aronia berries can be enjoyed by anyone, any time. Also, it’s easier to find these berries since these are now grown locally, particularly in the state of Iowa. State farmers are now turning to these berries for livelihood support, and you can take advantage of these for your health. These berries are available in supermarkets and groceries as fresh-frozen and can eaten fresh off the bag. The same fresh berries can be added to salads, pancakes and can be turned into fresh juices. Price-wise, Aronia berries are great alternatives since these berries are relatively cheaper compared to other berries. 

Now is the best time to update your grocery list and eat healthy food options. These berries may be considered the latest fad in the industry but its one fad that lives up to expectations, health-wise.