Aronia for the Ageless Athlete

Posted by Superberries Team on 5/16/2016 to Health Tips

As a health and fitness “nut” I do a lot of interval training to increase heart rate and build strength. Interval training 
involves an intense cardio routine consisting of five minutes of cycling moving up the resistance speeds on a trainer and 
then five minutes of intense running and so on for thirty minutes followed by five minutes of skipping rope. The cardio 
routine is immediately followed by thirty minutes of interval weight training and fifteen minutes of abdominal work.

The wear and tear on the body at my age became somewhat noticeable in my joints about five years ago and my recovery time 
was not exactly what it used to be. A number of experts recommended a variety of synthesized supplements as a cure to what 
ailed me. However, I will admit freely that I’m not a huge proponent of supplements and I tend to err on the side of putting 
mostly natural foods and products in my body given various studies I’ve read regarding the possible negative health effects 
of synthetic supplements.

This aversion to synthetic supplements led me back to the Aronia Berry and the potential the all natural berry had for 
enhancing energy, boosting recovery time and the possibility that it would promote bone and joint health. I began to add 
Superberries Aronia Concentrate into my dietary regimen shortly after I noticed the deterioration in my workouts and the 
lack of intensity that plagued me.

Within a month, I noted that my recovery time was boosted from 48 hours to 24 hours and the intensity of my workouts had 
increased after two tablespoons of the Aronia Concentrate per morning with breakfast. The pain in my joints decreased and 
the weight I was lifting dramatically increased. The only change I made was in adding the Aronia Concentrate to my already 
fairly healthy diet.

As I’ve aged I’ve noted that Superberries Aronia Concentrate is a powerful tool in conjunction with my workouts given that 
the Aronia Concentrate has over seven pounds of fresh, cold pressed organic Aronia berries in each bottle. Very little 
processing is done to the berries in order to keep them in a completely natural state. This ensures the highest quality of 
antioxidant levels and freshness in every bottle. The Aronia Berry contains tiny seeds in the heart of each berry, and as 
the seeds are pressed into Aronia Concentrate, this releases the oil from the seeds and enhances the power of the 
antioxidant fighting properties of the Aronia Berries.

I’ve been taking the Superberries Aronia Concentrate for just over four years as of this writing and I’ve managed to retain 
much of the drive and workout intensity I had over five years ago. I attribute much of the level of my continued intensity, 
drive and joint health to a healthy diet supplemented by the natural antioxidant properties of the Superberries Aronia 
Concentrate. The Concentrate is a perfect addition to the diet of an avowed “fitness nut” and natural food “freak”. This, in 
and of itself, has made me a firm believer in the “power of purple”. Try a bottle and see what it will do for you.