Purple Powered Holidays and Healthy Baking Hacks

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/6/2016 to Health Tips

Power Holidays with Aroniaberries

Purple Powered Beverages

What are antioxidants? Antioxidants combat free radicals in the body caused by the strain of daily living, stress and various pollutants in the air and water. Many times in our busy lifestyles our bodies don’t exactly get the amount of antioxidants needed to fight off the effects of free radicals. However, an excellent and easy way to boost antioxidant intake in the body is by using a tablespoon of Superberries Aronia Concentrate in your daily beverage or drink. Boost lycopene and antioxidant intake by adding the “power of purple” to tomato juice with just a hint of lemon, cilantro and pepper for a tasty mock cocktail. Aronia Concentrate also melds well with a variety of fruit juices including apple, orange, grape and cranberry. To bolster the fibrous content in the Aronia fruit juice drinks and entertain the kids as well, add a touch of chia for a bit of an interesting twist. Finally, Aronia Concentrate is an excellent addition to boost a simple bottle of water, whether for fitness, fun, daily activities or carrying around at work. Boosting your daily antioxidant intake is as easy as one tablespoon of Superberries Aronia Berry Concentrate.

Better than Butter Substitutes in Baking

Finding a better substitute in your baking choices can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. Several recipes at this time of year call for heavy doses of butter, particularly in baked goods. However, there are excellent options any novice or even an experienced chef can use in their holiday kitchens. Try replacing melted butter in recipes with Olive or Canola Oil for lower saturated fat treats. Avocado or applesauce are surprisingly great substitutes for butters and actually work to keep baked goods moister for longer periods of time. Avocados and nut butters also work well as alternative spreads on toast or rolls in lieu of using butter. Greek or soy yogurt is an excellent substitute for butter and provides a creamier consistency to various baked goods. The yogurts also add a bit of a unique tang to the taste and give a moister, fuller cookie. Making a coffee cake? Prune or pumpkin puree are excellent substitutes for butter in coffee cakes and baked goods with cinnamon or chocolate. All in all there are better alternatives for baking than butter that can add a different and tasty spin to any holiday table. Spice it up the baking with a hint of different and add a touch of purple with Superberries Aronia Berries.

Better Sugar Substitutes

Finding better options to refined, processed and artificial sweeteners can be as easy as going to your cupboard. One of the better and tastier options can be found in a number of unsweetened dried fruits such as figs and dates or date sugar. Dates and figs have natural, unprocessed sugars that can work well in most baking or cooking recipes. The consistency of date sugar is much like brown sugar and makes a fantastic non-artificial substitute. Raw honey and pure maple syrup are excellent replacements for sugar in nearly every dish. Raw honey and pure maple syrup come from natural sources and contain various other dietary benefits besides being tasty substitutes for sugar. Molasses and coconut sugar are also excellent resources to tap for alternatives to the refined, processed sugars or artificial sweeteners. Both have various dietary benefits as well, and coconut sugar may actually aid in slowing glucose absorption. Better options than the refined, artificial sweeteners abound and can be found in most local grocery stores. Sweeten your holiday with unrefined sweeteners and Superberries Aronia Berry Products.