Easter Basket Makeover

Posted by Superberries on 3/31/2018 to Health Tips

Over the next few days, your kids will be eating over a month’s worth of sugar from their Easter baskets. Favorites like a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, peanut butter eggs and marshmallow peeps could easily total 900 grams of sugar which is equivalent to 23 cans of soda or 90 cookies.

Here’s a few ideas how to make your Easter baskets healthier.

Less Candy More Toys  Fill baskets and plastic eggs with fun toys or games.Only add a few pieces of candy and a chocolate bunny.

Buy Individual Packs of Candy Limit your portion sizes. This is easier to do with individual packs of candy. They are also easier to put away to be eaten at a later time.

Pass on the Chocolate Bunnies Make a new toy or fun t-shirt the centerpiece of your child’s Easter basket. Chocolate bunnies can pack up to 192 grams of sugar. If you can’t do without the bunny, opt for a healthier dark chocolate version instead with less sugar.

Stuff Plastic Eggs with Healthy Snacks Fill plastic eggs with healthy fruit snacks like Superberries 100 Calorie bags of Aroniaberry Gummy Chews. These chews deliver antioxidants in every bite and are made with Organic Aroniaberry Concentrate and are sweetened with wholesome organic sweeteners.

Buy Premade Baskets You can purchase baskets that are premade that are filled with fun toys and activity books versus candy.

Add Fruit or Veggies to Your Easter Basket Clementine oranges, apples or small bags of carrots make great additions to your Easter basket and emphasize healthy eating habits.

Put Candy Away for Later Place candy from the Easter basket in jar or plastic bag. Use the candy as a reward for your children for eating all of their veggies or dinner, getting a good grade at school or picking up their toys.

Bake with Easter Candy Get your kids involved in making cupcakes topped with Easter candy or brownies and cookies that use Easter candy instead of chocolate chips.