Feel Super over the Holidays

Posted by Superberries on 12/2/2016 to Health Tips

With the holiday season nearly upon us schedules can become busy and even chaotic. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating well throughout the holidays can be a challenging with so many delicious options to choose from. Yet, there are ways to survive the holiday buffets and keep your diet somewhat in check without gaining too much weight.

Numerous studies have shown that at least seven hours of sleep can help keep the body on track and jumpstart a beneficial diet during the holiday season. Subjects in these studies who had less than seven hours of sleep were less full and had a tendency to choose higher calorie, higher fat foods, while those with more sleep tended to make better choices in their respective food selections, opting for lower carb options. Sleep deprivation reduces energy expenditure and increases caloric consumption by activating a craving in the brain for sugary and higher fat foods.

Portion control is a must to maintain or reduce weight over the holidays. To battle that “jolly Santa bulge”, dietary experts recommend larger portions of lower calorie foods such as vegetables, yogurt and fruits like Superberries Aronia Berries and smaller portions of high calorie foods such as chips, dips and desserts. The experts also recommend choosing a smaller plate to limit the amount of food consumed and maintaining a distance from the buffet line. The smaller the plate and the further away from the food, the less likely a person is to overindulge. 

Limit the consumption of alcohol to five ounces at most to keep carbs off and also limit high calorie drinks such as soda or eggnog to one small glass. Go for the water, tea, coffee or no sugar juice with a touch of Superberries Aronia Concentrate or Aronia+ Daily Wellness Shot in the mix. This doesn’t mean you have to give up the “holiday cheer” entirely, but do so in moderation to keep the weight under control and maintain health and wellness overall.

Don’t skip regular meals. Skipping meals only increases the temptation to overindulge at the buffet table and snack throughout the day. Studies show that skipping meals may cause a body to lose muscle weight instead of fat. Skipping meals also intensifies the craving for junk food and higher carb options rather than focusing on healthier fare by tricking the mind into believing that it’s okay to indulge in less nutritional options.

It is also highly recommended by dietary experts to maintain a diet rich in fibrous foods such as Superberries Aronia Concentrate. Much research indicates that maintaining a diet rich in fiber can actually help moderate weight gain by creating a sensation of fullness in the digestive system. This sense of fullness will assist in curbing the appetite and keeping the “jelly belly” under control throughout the coming holiday season.

Finally, maintain a moderate to intense exercise routine throughout the holiday season. This will help maintain mood by lowering the instances of depression and creating a craving for less nutritional foods. Exercise will also boost the energy and help keep the carbs and the weight off the middle.

 With a few easy tips to curb the appetite coupled with Superberries Aronia Berry Products, a person can indulge in the “holly jolly” cheer without overindulging and maintain overall health and wellness throughout the coming season. Be of good cheer and eat you purple.   SaveSaveSaveSaveSave