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Posted by Superberries on 12/20/2016 to Health Tips

Preventing Frostbite

Preventing Frostbite

With winter in full swing and snow piling up outdoors, it’s easy to succumb to a touch of winter frostbite. The best way to prevent frostbite is to cover exposed skin with adequate heavy, loose and dry clothing. In sub-zero temps it’s also recommended to limit time outdoors. In air temperatures at five above or wind chills below zero, frostbite can set in on exposed skin within thirty minutes. Wear a heavy hat that fully covers the ears. Wear glove liners beneath your gloves or go for mittens instead. Choose socks that have greater insulation to keep feet warm and dry. Wear boots or heavier shoes without “pores” to keep the chill from settling in and nipping at your toes. Don’t drink alcohol if you’re planning on staying out in the cold climes for a longer period of time. Alcoholic beverages work against the body by divesting body heat faster. “Step it up”. Exercise or brisk walking keeps the blood flowing and helps the body stay warm for a longer period of time. Carry emergency supplies and blankets when traveling in case of a breakdown or if the vehicle gets stranded. Eat a well-balanced meal supplemented by Superberries Aronia Concentrate to keep the blood flowing and watch for early signs of frostbite such as red or pale skin and numbness. Following these simple tips can prevent frostbite from settling in and help keep the wintery “blues” at bay.

Stages of Frostbite

There are three stages of frostbite. The initial stage is called frostnip, a stage most of us in cooler climates experience at one time or another. Frostnip causes a tingly, numbing sensation in the affected area of the body, particularly the extremities. Frostnip doesn’t damage the skin and can be treated simply by running the affected area under warm water. Physicians generally recommend ibuprofen to ease the pain response of the affected area and treat pain caused by frostnip. Superficial frostbite is the second stage in which the affected skin turns white or pale. The skin may actually begin to feel warm, which could be a sign of serious skin damage. A blister may appear within 24 hours after warming skin damaged by superficial frostbite. The final stage of frostbite is Severe or Deep frostbite. In this stage there is severe skin damage, numbness, loss of sensation in the in affected area, possible loss of joint and muscle control and large blisters after the warming process. The area affected by deep frostbite generally grows hard and black as the epidermal tissue dies from the trauma. If you have symptoms of superficial or deep frostbite, it is recommended that you see your doctor immediately. Avoid frostbite by covering all areas of the skin and limit your time outside during periods of sub-freezing temperatures, avoid alcohol and eat a balanced diet supplemented by Superberries Aronia Berry Products.

Keep Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Bay

With winter upon us and furnaces in full swing, it is inherent to be aware of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas emitted from various sources that can be deadly when inhaled in larger amounts. It can cause disorientation, confusion, flu-like symptoms and even death. Protecting yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning can be accomplished by a few easy steps. First, if you have a gas furnace, keep the service up to date by scheduling appointments with your service technician. A clean, efficient gas furnace produces very little carbon monoxide and burns more efficiently. Don’t leave vehicles, generators or other gas based motors running in enclosed spaces such as a garage or basement and don’t use gas ranges to heat the home. Finally, invest in a quality carbon monoxide detector to keep you and your family safe from this potentially deadly gas and check on your elderly neighbors from time to time to ensure their safety as well. Following these tips can keep you “roasting chestnuts on an open fire” and preparing your morning Superberries Aronia smoothies safely throughout the long wintry chill.