The Healthier Stocking Stuffer - Superberries Aronia Gummy Chews

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/18/2015 to Super Snacks

We’ve started a new tradition in our house. Instead of filling the stockings entirely with candy, we’ve added a bag of 100 calorie packs of the Superberries Aronia Berry Chews to our holiday mix. This has been a fun and much healthier option to the standard holiday fare and it’s been a hit with the nieces and nephews (not to mention our pooch…but that’s a story for another time).

We began this tradition last Christmas Eve during our annual family white elephant exchange. My gift was meant for fun given my connection with Superberries and my continual enthusiasm regarding the chokeberry and its many healthful uses. I also must admit that there was a bit of duplicity on my part to hook members of my family on the benefits of the berry given the fruity, sweeter taste of the aronia chew.

To my delight, my sixteen year old nephew drew my package. A dubious frown crossed his brow as he studied the silver wrapping and shook it as most teenage boys are wont to do. He studied it once more, and then without further pause he ripped the paper off the box, opened the top and saw the twin purple bags gazing out at him.

At first, there was a bit of disappointment on my nephew’s face even if he wouldn’t admit it gracious as he is. HI asked if he had ever had an aronia berry chew. He said he hadn’t but he had heard the berries were a bit on the tart side. My niece, his sister, informed him that if he wasn’t interested, she certainly was willing to take them off his hands. (I should note that she’s inherited a love of everything gummy from my wife). My nephew declined of course, opting to keep them for himself more out of spite toward his sister than the fact that he honestly wanted to try the chews.

I gently urged him to open the aronia chews. At first he refused, but with a bit of bribery he relented and opened the bags producing one of the packets. Tearing it open, he popped a couple of the chews in his mouth. He was a bit hesitant at first and then his eyes lit up in wide surprise.

Well,” his sister stared at him with anxious impatience, “how are they?”

“You wouldn’t like them.” My nephew responded a bit too cagily.

My niece abruptly grasped the bag from his hands with speed and agility that would make a martial arts master green with envy. She ripped one of the packs open and quickly dumped the aronia chews into her mouth before her brother had a chance to react. Her face mirrored his and she immediately asked if I had more chews with me. I stated Christmas was about sharing and it was solely up to her brother to share if he was amenable to the idea. My nephew smiled maliciously, shook his head and held the bags tightly to his chest. He wasn’t sharing! At least until a stern glare from mom coaxed the seasonal generosity forth and he reluctantly offered some of his “stash” to the entire family.

Suffice to say, the aronia chews were an instant hit and this year everyone gets a bag with 10 of the 100 calorie pack Superberries Chews. My nephew will be quite pleased of course, as he doesn’t have to share this year. Besides, it’s also a great way to get everyone into a healthier option for snacks and adds a nice boost to the immune system in the process. What more could anyone want for the holidays?

Happy Holidays to everyone and to everyone a blessed New Year!