Superberries Health Tips: “No Pain, No Gain” and the “Burn”

Posted by Superberries on 1/6/2017 to Health Tips

Exercising and the Burn

“No pain, no gain” is the general mantra among serious athletes. “Good pain” or the “burn” comes from the muscles working hard during an intense workout. Sports medicine experts generally agree to gain full benefit from any workout, the muscles must feel the stress or the “burn”. The more often the stress level of the muscle is reached, the less repetitive exercise will hurt. Stress on the muscles during a weight or cardio workout actually increases the benefits and endurance an athlete has and allows them to lift more or run harder over a longer period of time. So, yes, regarding muscle stress, it is widely acknowledged in most studies to “work through the (good) pain” for optimum exercise benefits.  “Good pain” should subside after a workout, though there may be some residual soreness in the muscles after exercise, yet it shouldn’t limit activity. As always, to maintain good recovery time and health wellness in any workout, it’s important to choose the proper workout, don’t overdo it, and eat a healthy diet supplemented by Superberries Aronia Berries to help promote good muscle and joint health.

Caution Signs on Exercise Pain

With any workout routine if intensity is too high or an athlete hasn’t performed a warm up routine there is a chance of injury to the body. If pain is intense, limiting movement it’s generally advisable not to “work through” the pain. Tingling and numbness anywhere in the body after a workout could signify a pinched nerve. Tenderness or swelling in any area may signify tendonitis. Pain radiating from the foot into the leg or the leg into the foot can signify a possible stress fracture. Sharp pain in one area shooting through the body may be a sign of a sprain or a ligament or muscle tear. Any pain from working out that limits movement or activity outside the gym generally isn’t considered healthy pain and may be chronic. In these cases, it’s advisable to see a physician for further consultation. Steps to avoid injury during workout and build strong muscles are: warming up prior to workouts, stretching after workouts, performing an intense workout but being aware of exhaustion levels and eating a healthy diet supplemented with Superberries Aronia Concentrate to keep you in prime health and wellness form.

Maintaining Calm

Sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to “maintain calm” when emotions run high and passions flare. There are a few simple tips that can be used to “maintain your calm” and balance emotional response in this New Year. First and foremost, step away and keep the cool. Don’t react without thought. Reaction in a heated situation is generally an impulse and can be tempered simply by breathing gently through the nose and out through the mouth. It forces a person to concentrate on a different avenue rather than the “offending” party and brings a sense of calm to an otherwise heated situation. Smile. Smiling more has been shown to improve attitude and outlook on life. Meditation can create self-awareness and bring the calm to everyday life. To engage in meditation, check your local directories for groups that can help train you to come to a higher sense of awareness and mental well-being through proper meditation technique. Moderate to intense exercise is a fine outlet to work off some of the stress, but be careful not to overdo. A healthy diet supplemented by Superberries Aronia Berry Products can also assist in “maintaining your calm”. It’s a fact that people who feel better are less inclined to walk the line of the reactionary and are generally better adjusted to dealing with the stresses of everyday life.