Aronia Smoothies Fuel Cyclist's Workout

Posted by Superberries Team on 7/11/2016 to Health Tips

In this 24/7 world it's sometimes difficult making the time to eat healthy. As an exercise enthusiast and a health and fitness aficionado I do a sixty mile bike ride several mornings a week. Because of the length of the morning ride it doesn't allow me much time for breakfast and I find myself eating "on the go" numerous times. While it would be easy to stop in to a local fast food chain for a fast, not-so-good-for-me treat or pick up a quick box of donuts, this would defeat my overall purpose in eating healthier fare and living a healthier lifestyle.

Over the course of the years I've been attempting different avenues to gain and keep the various nutrients I need and lose on my riding adventures. I've done research on-line, spoken to several trainers, fitness experts and nutritionists and the one item that seems to pop up in every conversation and in most of my on-line research is "on-the-go smoothies".

There are different takes on how to prepare the smoothies. My personal favorite is to prep the smoothie the night before due to the fact that there generally isn't enough time to prepare the mix in the morning. My smoothies are a mixture of Superberries Frozen Aronia Berries, kale, Greek yogurt, banana, dates, honey or pure maple syrup and whatever nuts I have hanging around the house (walnuts and pecans are my personal faves). I process the mix until smooth and freeze overnight in a six pack of miniature BPA free bottles.

I slip three of the mini frozen Aronia Smoothies into my travel pack in the morning and I'm off on my journey. The Aronia smoothies will generally thaw after about twenty miles in the summer heat and are then ready to consume. The smoothies sate the hunger without filling me up too much, boost my energy, provide me with the healthy nutrients I need to continue on with the ride, and ready me for the quick interval weight training program upon my return.

I've also found "on-the-go" Aronia smoothies are perfect smoothie companions for travel over long holiday weekends. They carry easily and keep very well in a cooler allowing me to take health and wellness wherever I go mitigating the urge to partake of less healthier fare along the roadways.

The other suggestion I received for "on-the-go" smoothies was to use a blender bottle. Blender bottles utilize a spherical shaped whisk which when shaken vigorously should process the ingredients contained in the bottle into a smooth, liquid substance. However, with the use of nuts in my Aronia smoothies this didn't work so well and I opted to remain with processing and freezing in mini bottles the night before.

The "on-the-go"  Aronia smoothie has been a godsend for my morning fitness routine and the perfect companion throughout the day to ensure that I get my recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, nutrients and natural antioxidants. As a fitness aficionado and health and wellness proponent I highly urge anyone seeking a better alternative to "grab and go" to give this a try. Health and wellness is just around the corner.