Recipes and Home Preparations for Aronia Berries

Posted by Superberries on 11/13/2014 to Health Tips

If you think that the attention on ‘super berries’ like acai berries are over, well think again. Super berries are still in the news and valued by the medical community for all the right reasons. Just like acai berries, Aronia berries are valued for its high anti-oxidant content and have been the subject of numerous basic researches. Research teams and medical experts are looking at the potential of Aronia berries in lowering the risks for certain diseases including but not limited to liver failure, eye inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. These berries are highly beneficial, and recommended to everyone who wants to take control of their health and well-being. And the good news is that these products are now widely available in the market, and with some products getting the USDA Organic certification.  You can take advantage of these healthy options, and these can be consumed in a variety of ways.

Whole berries for salads, cereals and pancakes

Available as in fresh-frozen packs, Aronia berries can work in different cold preparations including cereals, salads and pancakes. Simply add a few berries on top of pancakes and salads to enhance their flavors. These berries provide a semi-sweet and sour flavor that can add a new layer of flavor into any cold preparation. And since these berries come in intense colors, adding these into dishes can help boost appeal and interest.

Refreshing and healthy Aronia berries-based juices

Aronia berries are best served as juices, and these can be prepared using a concentrated version, or can be prepared from scratch using fresh berries. The easiest approach is to use an Aronia berry concentrate, a 100-percent pure preparation of Aronia berries. Just mix 1 ½ tsp of the berries concentrate in 8 oz of cold water to come up with our berries fix for the day. Other methods include steam extraction of berries juices or the basic mash- and-drip method. If you’ll go for the basic method, it’s best to freeze first the berries before starting to grind and release the juices. You may need to add a teaspoon or two of sugar, depending on the sweetness level that’s required. Also, Aronia berries can be combined with other fruits like apple for a more flavorful cold treat.

Whether these berries are enjoyed frozen-fresh or taken as garnishing for salads or cereals, there’s no denying the healthy levels of anti-oxidants that you can enjoy. Aronia berries are now the perfect alternatives for anyone wanting to take control of his wellness the natural way.