9 Ways to Rev Up Your Exercise Routine

Posted by Superberries Team on 4/6/2018 to Health Tips

Taking the stairs at work can add 500+ steps to your day.

The weather is warming up and although you may not be ready to commit to that half-marathon, there’s easier ways to get the exercise and activity your body needs.  Experts recommend we get about 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week and strength train twice a week.  Here’s some ideas how to achieve this.  

Note:  If you find your additional activity is causing sore muscles, add another teaspoon of aroniaberry juice to your diet.  Researchers have found that aroniaberries can help with exercise recovery and supports joint health.

1. Download an Activity App If your cell phone doesn’t have one, download an activity app.  It is a great way to track steps and up your exercise levels. 

2. Park Farther Away Find the spot at work furthest from the door and park there.  Also do this at the grocery store, restaurant and while running errands.

3.Take The Stairs  Take the stairs any chance you can.  If you are needing a stretch break at work, go up and down the stairs a few times to add additional steps and rev up your metabolism.

4. Deskercise Do leg, arm and stretching exercises at your desk.  Keep hand weights in your desk drawer and do a few lifts while you are waiting for files to download or reading documents.  Do leg stretches and leg lifts in your cube between projects or while you are working.

5. Walk to Lunch or Coffee with a Friend Pick lunch and coffee spots that are walkable.

6. Walk the Dog It doesn’t have to be a long distance, just take 10 minutes for some pooch and me time and walk around the block.  Your dog will love it and so will you.

7. Lift Weights While You Cook  Bring some small weights to the kitchen and while you are waiting for things to cook, get a few sets of 10 in.

8. Walk Through Your Favorite Stores This is a great tip for days when the weather isn’t cooperating.  Walk through your favorite department store a few times and you’ll be amazed how the steps add up.  

9. Clean  Going up and down the stairs to put laundry away, making the beds, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and picking up all add up to extra steps and activity.  Plus your house will look good which will make you feel even better.