Super Benefits of the Superberry - Aronia

Posted by SuperBerries on 2/20/2015 to Health Tips

There has been a huge revival of curiosity in the aronia berry in recent years, especially since its countless benefits have emerged. Often called chokeberry, this dark berry is native to North America. It was part of the staple diet of Native Americans and early settlers because it was very healthy. Today, researchers and scientists are discovering the goodness of this berry and what a completely amazing super food it is. There has been ample research to suggest that the aronia berries are indeed some of nature's best health supplement. Scientific studies have indicated that dark skinned fruits and berries offer the most amount of nutrients and protective elements to people. From that point of view, the black aronia berry offers much more protection than cranberries and blackberries because it is indeed dark skinned.

What is special about the aronia berry?

The aronia berry has the highest concentration of antioxidants found in any fruit. We all know the importance of antioxidants in keeping us healthy and fighting diseases. Just this property of the aronia berry ought to make it a top contender for the healthiest berry or fruit ever. Simply because it is rich in antioxidants, it has a extremely high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value, almost 80 units which is probably the highest amongst fruits. However, there is more. Aronia berries also have loads of flavonoids which help the body in its fight against cancer causing elements, viruses, also known as carcinogens and numerous kinds of allergies. These dark skinned berries have all the properties present in blackberries and cranberries, but in added measure because of the high levels of anthocyanins and proanthocyanins. It also has a high dose of quinic acid which is noted to prevent urinary infection.

As research is constantly being conducted, there's much more about the aronia berry which is being uncovered.  Here is a look at how specifically the aronia berry can be helpful to us.

n  Circulation. Aronia berries are known to enhance the circulation of blood, make blood vessels tougher and fight against heart disease. Free radicals are the true reason of various conditions in the body and aronia berries can prevent formation of these radicals therefore preventing conditions such as diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.
n  UTI. It's a well-known fact that cranberries are great in helping resolve urinary tract infection, but these aronia berries are really better than that because of the high quotient of quinic acid in them.
n  Struggling with high blood pressure? Aronia berries are your antidote as these can help greatly in keeping blood pressure at normal levels.
n  In case your diet has aronia berry regularly, you can be sure that colds and flu will stay away from you.
n  Here is another surprising benefit. Aronia berries can help enhance your memory as well.
n  These berries help the body in producing good cholesterol.
n  Research is being conducted to find the effect of aronia berries on cancer as it's known to be somewhat effective especially for those suffering from colon cancer.
n  Aronia berries can prevent blood clots from forming and therefore reduce the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

Good to know

Several researchers have indicated that apart from all the many health benefits that it offers, the aronia berry can furthermore help in controlling weight. What is more, there's some amazing information that aronia berries can help prevent the body from storing fat around the belly, a problem which numerous people are constantly facing.