Why I'm an Aronia Berry Enthusiast

Posted by Superberries Team on 10/20/2015 to Health Tips
I'm an Aronia Berry Believer

Someone asked me why I became an aronia berry enthusiast. The answer is simple. It’s the proven value of antioxidants contained within this purple superberry that initially drew me in. It packs one of the more powerful punches in the nutrition world and it has (in my personal opinion) helped my cholesterol levels. 

Several years ago, after visiting my physician for an annual physical exam, I was told that my cholesterol levels were border line. I was shocked by this information as my exercise routines are intense with a strong focus on cardio and endurance. I had also prided myself on eating all the “right” foods over the years to maintain my health. Yet, the physician informed me that, while diet and exercise are of great benefit, there is little that can be done about genetic predisposition. 

He stated that I would have six months to get my cholesterol levels under control or they would have to place me on medication. I tend to be a bit of a natural solution guy and honestly wasn’t too keen on giving my life over to prescription drugs. This drove my research into alternative methods, eventually put me in touch with Superberries founder Ken Sailors. 

I spoke with Ken about the chokeberry and found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable regarding the many uses and the benefits that surround the aronia berry. After much discussion, Ken convinced me to try the Superberries Concentrate and report my findings after a six month trial usage. Having nothing to lose, I agreed and began taking the Aronia Concentrate on a daily basis with my breakfast. I continued with my workout routine, did a few “adjustments” to my diet and returned to my physician six months later. 

I was a bit nervous when the tests came back. I must admit that I always am. The physician stepped into the room and after a moment of glancing over my charts he asked what had changed. I wasn’t certain how to respond until he informed me that my cholesterol levels improved from my previous tests. I was stunned. My physician told me to continue doing whatever it was that I was doing because it was working. 

Needless to say, I’ve continued my regimen of exercise, diet and Superberries Aronia Concentrate for the past six years. Now you know why I’m a “berry believer.” Until next time, eat healthy by eating purple. 

 Aronia Fun Fact: Aronia berries were used by the Native American Potawatomi tribe as a treatment for colds.